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The Dark Fortress

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 8th Aug 2006 at 8:50 PM
Updated: 12th Apr 2007 at 4:48 PM

The Story-

A while ago, I undertook a request from HystericalParoxysm to build a "big freaking castle" for her. Well... after many weeks of hard work (and a few weeks of me being incredibly flaky), I produced this, the Dark Fortress. This castle is the home of Jesher and the setting of HP's unpublished story, which is also conveniently untitled. (If there is a title, I haven't heard about it yet. :D)

Anyway, on to the castle!

Lot Details-

Lot size: 5 x 6
Price: ยง775,156

Note: When I was designing this castle, I used Gromit's fantastic gargoyle everywhere. To improve performance on a slower computer, I would suggest that you remove the extra gargoyles from around the castle (or all of 'em if you'd like).

Custom Content Included-

Patrician Staircase: Sunni Sims
Medieval columns, banners, planters, and fountain: www.marinasims.com
Mansion walls and carpeting; Twarres wall: www.komosims.com
White chateau paneling: www.simgedoehns.de
Castle Reality walls and floors: Mia86
Shield, Cathedral Window: Magick Modders
3 Tile Poster (recolors by Sgoobysnacks): Qortex
Stack of books, wall map: www.meshkiste.de
Ye Olde Wall Torch: wintermuteai1
Suit of armor, lion statue: gromit
Cage bars: bootsbrisket
Round piano: http://sims2ellis.h15.ru
Louis XVI stool: Simnuts

Custom Content NOT Included-

Alessia Dining Set: www.11dots.com
ENTIRE Victorian set, "Angels" and "Lady in Blue" paintings, Rosewood armchairs and Josephine: www.dh-sims-site.com
Gargoyle (La Gargouille): gromit
Fireplace set: http://avenidasims.com (found under "living room")
Cathedral Window: Moon_Ez
Grand Piano: faeriegurl
Medieval kitchen and bathroom: Lethe_s
Art Deco mantle clock: Boblishman
Grand Versailles door and window (2 stories); 1 and 2 story curtains: Simnuts

My Policy Thingy-

Ok, I know this is only a lot, and it's not an outfit or a piece of furniture, but it's STILL a piece of art that I worked very hard to create, and I would appreciate if you wouldn't redistribute it anywhere else. If you feel some strange need to refurnish the castle, I *suppose* it's alright to upload it here, as long as you ask me first. Anyone who uploads this castle on the exchange will suffer a most gruesome and miserable death. Anyone who uploads this castle on a paysite will face my undying wrath AND shall be burninated.

Oh, and since the whole point of making this castle was to create a story setting, feel free to use it in any of your own stories/pictures. A little bit of credit would be nice.