SHIKI of Samurai Shodown

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Uploaded 13th Aug 2006 at 11:23 AM · Updated 14th Aug 2006 at 2:41 PM by Navetsea

Hi all,

Finally I made a female sim ^_^; fiuhh
(I had made so many pretty-pretty boys for you all, so let me be my self again)

this time I picked SHIKI from Samurai Shodown/ Samurai Spirits series,
one of the most gorgeous female characters ever designed for fighting game

well SNK was famous for designing beautiful characters.

anyway, her name is Kanae or better known as Shiki, one of Yuga's followers, child, and puppet.
her mission is to lure Haohmaru into the evil side so that his body can be used to ressurect
the demon lord.

in other words she was a mindless lusty doll and a stalker.

however later in her life she fell in love with Asuras (probably Bust Asura/clone Asura)

She gave birth a female baby from Asura named Mikoto.
she then left her baby with Haohmaru and disappeared,
until her latest appearance in Neo Geo Battle Colliseum.

(mikoto = one of the bosses of SS warrior rage/ new chapter of blade)
the gray haired, elf/demon eared, pale skinned, beautiful young female in blue costume carrying huge weapon

Shiki's data:
name: Kanae/ Shiki
birth date: 6/6
age: (early twenties on her first appearance, and still twenties after some 20 years later ^___^
she looks as young as her daughter
nationality: Japan
height: 168 cm
weight: 44 kg
fighting style: she uses two blades with the ring on its grip, art of teleporting, self styled sensual moves.
sexual orientation: bi
soulmate: Asura/ Yuda

special characteristic:
red & blue eyes (blue right eye + red left eye)
purple snake tattoo along her back down to her left thigh
Ambrosia symbol/ tattoo (eye of ambrosia demon) on her back

Custom contents:

I use a special version of my new skin series "FACE-IN"
however in this special "shiki_FACE-IN" the tattoo is included in the skin (This skin is included in the package),

many other tones/variants of this series without the tattoo, hosted at (launched this mid of August)
my skinset series would be launched this week, they said as late as Friday, "~_^" shameless advertisement

I used PAF editable alpha dress mesh as a base of my shiki costume, so you need to download the mesh here:
Many thanks to PAF for the alpha mesh, I have used it several times and it's flexible for many different projects

I use "Rose hair 0025" of
this hair is not included, I use pixie hair of OFB in the package, both hair fit her design perfectly,
but texture wise I go with Rose's since it is shinier, smoother, and just gorgeous.
the first time I see that pixie hair of OFB I already want to make this character someday, and that hair of Rosesims2
just sealed my decision.

flared gloves & different eye meshes are belong to generalzoi, recolored by me
download them here:
Thank you Generalzoi for all the awesome accessory meshes

blush by Helaene helaene - softblush - 4 (optional not included)
lip color by navetsea (included)
lip gloss by navetsea (included)

Do not host/ reupload anywhere else (partially or as a whole) download for your own use only.

Any creators want to use this skin or clothes for their own Shiki, please link back to this post to get them,
DO NOT include them in your upload (no need to PM me for permission of using these items)

Thank you


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