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FeeBergutte - mountain snowy cottage -

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2006 at 11:41 AM
Updated: 11th Jan 2007 at 5:30 PM
lot : 3x3
price : 86 753
bedr : 2
bathr : 2

Furnished : Yes
Landscaped : Yes
Hack free. Played, Tested with CleanInstaller,I have FFS in my computer.

This is a mountain country cottage as a Danke schön to Fee Essen who make skis as I requested and to the german sites where I found a lot of useful stuf even if I understand nothing with this language (but I am very good to understand the images ).

The lot is here installed in a neighbourhood with snow ground (pics in the screenshots area), you can find some of those in the game-mods section. The lot ground is gently sloped, not to much to fit even in a flat area. It is a winter lanscaped area

The house is not very large 10x9 squares to keep warm inside. You find the bedrooms and the main bathroom on the upper floor...

...the foyer, a cute kitchen, a second bathroom and the main room on the ground level.

Credits and my thanks (and danke ) to the following creators of the included custom content :
- front fence,seatable sled, skis (of course), snowman, snowy chairs : FeeEssen
- snow trees : soglad_4_themadness
- lost cabinet, counter culture kitchen set, chimney recolor : Numenor and MaryLou
- decorative sled : rosiedogsim
- plants : bienchen83 and Lucas , Patty3428 (nengi65) winter recolors
- chimney : CTNutmegger
- Ice terrain paint V1ND1CARE
- Snow terrain paint : pretentiouscake
- terrasse swow floor, way terrain paint : jonesi

2 walls (snowy mix of a maxis and a fee essen walls) and 1 floor by me

For the snow roof mod as asked by the talented creator , I give you the link to the MTS2 thread. It is a mod so it change all the roofs in your game. If it is not installed your roof will be not as much as beautyful but however very nice with the maxis pale grey (no crash risk-an image is in the screenshots area).

If you want to upload any custom content to an other site than MTS2, please read their creator’s policy.
For me it's easy : except for the lot itself, do what you want with free sites.
Good winter games