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Terrain Mod: Country Roads For Grass Neighbourhoods

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Uploaded: 29th Dec 2006 at 8:53 PM
Updated: 30th Apr 2007 at 1:06 PM - Added two matching floor files
Update (01/04/2007): I added two more floors to cover the road in front of the house. The two I did before could only be used on some properties, because sometimes road tracks leaded in the wrong direction.

There is also a version of this mod, that replaces the dirt-terrain instead of the grass-terrain. You can find it here.

This mod changes the appearance of all roads in your grass neighbourhoods. The roads will look different in the neighbourhood view and also outside your property when you enter a house. This affects on ALL neighbourhoods which use the standard grass terrain. That means that even neighbourhoods you created before downloading this mod will look different. If you want the old roads back, just delete the .package-file [country-road-mod-for-grass-terrain.package] from your downloads folder and the usual asphalt roads will show up again.

This mod only automatically changes the road textures outside your properties. The road in front of your house will still have the usual asphalt texture. Therefore I made some matching floors which you can simple draw over the street. You have to enter the “moveobjects on”-cheat. (To open the cheat-window press the Ctrl-, Shift- and C- key simultaneously.)

I have tested this mod intensively and it works just fine with my game. However I am not responsible for any damage this mod could do to your game or computer.

Known problems

1. Driveways:
In some cases the driveways can’t be placed correctly, if the street-floors in front of the house are replaced. This depends on the orientation of the lot in the neighbourhood. In half of the cases the driveway flips 90°. Either place the driveway first and replace the street-floor afterwards or do not replace the outside floor-tiles of the rearward sidewalk.

2. Seasons:
The streets are not snow-covered during winter in the neighbourhood. (But they are snow-covered when you play on a lot. It’s only a neighbourhood problem).

Do not use this mod, if you already have another mod that changes the appearance of the roads or the landscape of the grass-terrain (e.g. snow-terrains). You have to delete the other mod before using this one.

This mod is based on the work of QwinsepiaSquared. Visit this thread to say thank you for the possibility to change the road textures.

I have all big add-ons installed (including seasons) but no mini add-ons. However this terrain-mod should work with the basic game and any add-on combination. If not, please let me know.