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[Schuldig] Realism Eyeset {Defaults fixed: new dark blue option}

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Uploaded: 3rd Feb 2007 at 7:46 PM
Updated: 16th Mar 2008 at 1:48 PM - Added default replacements
Presenting - a realistic (but not too freakily realistic) eyeset! Having used them on my own sims for a while, I'm quite happy with how they turned out and thought I might share :D

Unlike my previous (as yet unreleased) set, these were made from an edited photo, not drawn by hand. Unfortunately, I think I accidentally used the same photo as someone else, as I have an eye (just one ^^; ) in my game that I didn't make which looks extremely similar, though I'm not sure who it's by. Mine are better because they come in more colours with prettier preview thumbnails but that's just to warn you - and to tell you that I didn't rip it off!


~ 15 colours
~ Four 'fantasy' shades
~ Variety of hues within each iris
~ Shadowed sclera
~ Drawn-in highlights

This picture is included in the download, with labels matching the file names, so that you can choose which eyes to install.

The hazels don't look very different in the thumbnails above, but look very different ingame. Similarly, because the thumbnails are so tiny there seems to be little difference between the two blues, or between dark grey, brown and black. Hopefully the {ingame} pictures below make the differences clearer.

Appearance when used on sims:

Shown clockwise from top left of each pic:-
~ green, purple, grey, earthy hazel
~ black, grey, brown, soft blue

Please do not redistribute the set! They may be included with sims, in which case credit, and perhaps a link to this thread too, is very much appreciated Feel free to recolour & upload, but please give credit.

Default replacements fixed! Remove any other default eyes before using them

2 options - Only use ONE at a time!

I hope you all like these & enjoy using them ^^; If you do download them, please consider clicking the thanks button or even leaving a comment!