Backdoor Lane -- Kiosk, Rubbish Dump, Cemetery

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2007 at 3:43 PM
Updated: 1st Apr 2007 at 12:38 PM
Cost etc, see below.
Nightlife and OfB required for all lots.
No custom content.

All lots are tested and unplayed (I test copies, not the actual uploads).

Three more community lots to accompany the Backdoor Lane houses -- they'll fit in nicely since they have the same pavement, street lights etc. Useful to fill gaps or to create some open spaces without leaving the terrain entirely blank. Hope you like =).

1. Kiosk
(i.e., a newspaper stand -- is "Kiosk" an international word? Not sure)
8.345§, lot size 1x1: a small booth that sells magazines and games (not ultra realistic, but I wanted to have something on sale on the counter). Works as an owned business too, if your sim isn't too demanding -- there's a toilet squeezed in the back + a nice armchair to sit on.

2. Dump
104.300§, lot size 2x2: No idea if/how you're going to use this in-game ... it's a rubbish dump, with two nice elaborate piles of (mainly electronic) garbage and an open shed in the corner. You could probably set up a store in the shed and pretend it's recycled/second-hand items -- in any case I wouldn't set anything *on* the garbage piles on sale, since those objects are all moveobjectsed/off-grid, you're likely to end up with dozens of misplaced restock signs in all corners of the lot.

3. Cemetary
54.596§, lot size 2x3: A park-like little graveyard, with a small shed with toilets inside (no floorplan included, but it's basically like the one in this thread except that it also has a changing table). You can sit and relax, admire the beautiful fountain, and/or play a round of chess in memoriam of some dead Knowledge sim. (There are no dead sims lurking on this lot -- the gravestones are all from frillen's collection linked below and purely decorative.)

- Kiosk, Front / Back / Floorplan
- Dump, View from Pile 1 to Pile 2 / Overview
- Cemetery, Overview / View towards front / View towards back (looks pretty at night, as well)

Thank you:
This collection (frillen) as well as this one (loba) and that one (windkeeper), the mini lots by Andi8104 and the ones based thereupon (MaryLou) have been very useful in making the Backdoor Lane neighbourhood. Thanks for making them available.

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