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The Spencer Mansion *June 16 07 - please read*

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Uploaded: 30th Apr 2007 at 4:26 PM
Updated: 16th Jun 2007 at 11:29 AM
After having recently re-played the original Resident Evil on the ancient Playstation, I thought that perhaps the ominous Umbrella, Inc. mansion might prove an interesting challenge. =P It contains all of the rooms the original did, with the addition of two other (small) bathrooms; considering the size of this lot I figured it was a little more on the sides of practical sim living to have more than one bath in a far corner of the house. There are also three bedrooms, two galleries, a lounge, infirmary, two libraries, and indoor greenhouse, two studies and a trophy room. (& The long dirt path on the left of the lot is actually a driveway, capable of accomodating up to three vehicles.) =] The only major difference is that I wasn't able to construct the basement kitchen because I hadn't built on a foundation, and due to lot-size constricitions, could not construct the courtyard or garden path. With that said, I still believe this is a relatively faithful facsimilie. I know the list of CC looks a bit overwhelming, but the majority of it consists of walls and flooring. ;P Enjoy!

I've been seeing my lot floating around the net and have noticed that there seem to be floors, doors, walls and decor/furniture missing. And its always the same in each of the pictures. PLEASE let me know if after you download this, it looks like there might be patches of things missing in the house. & If you'd be so kind, I'd appreciate it if you could perhaps post snapshots of the main hall and dining room. Looks fine in my game, but I'd just like to make sure.

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Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price: $377,098

Custom Content Included:
- mansion floor (yellow) by komosims
- worn floorboards by http://www.simplan.s75.xrea.com
- halliwell manor hallway by the simgoddesses
- statuesque stucco by gavlasck
- east stairs wallpaper by gavlasck
- wood parquet by http://www.simplan.s75.xrea.com
- worn hall carpet I by gavlasck
- worn hall carpet II by gavlasck
- worn hall carpet III by gavlasck
- lattice help you wallpaper by gavlasck
- polished wood floor (horizonal) by holy simoly
- worn hall carpet IV by gavlasck
- worn hall carpet V by gavlasck
- polished wood floor (vertical) by holy simoly
- green damask wallpaper by avenida sims
- avenida wall sconce by avenida sims
- avenida sconce recolor 4 by avenida sims
- worn hall carpet VI by gavlasck
- worn hall carpet VII by gavlasck
- wall flowers sconce by taroo
- seamless wall windown by numenor
- gelander railing by cat3cm
- worn hall carpet VIII by gavlasck
- georgian arch window by phoenix_phaerie
- georgian double doors by phoenix_phaerie
- georgian interior door by phoenix_phaerie
- georgian shuttered window by phoenix_phaerie
- knight on the tiles by gromit
- worn hall carpet IX by gavlasck
- darkwood flooring by reflex sims
- 4 paneled double doors recolor by dgandy
- 4 paneled double doors by dgandy
- plantation double doors by dgandy
- cast iron fence by dincer
- rosewood dining chair by dincer
- clay stucco wall by holy simoly
- east upper hall wallpaper by gavlasck
- east short hall wallpaper by gavlasck
- checkerboard tile by gavlasck
- worn hall carpet X by gavlasck
- castle wall stucco by fantasy sims
- castle wall paneling by fantasy sims
- deluxe wall by fantasy sims
- mansion wall (blue) by komosims
- mansion wall (red) by komosims
- victorian wallpaper by nengi65
- im bravia tile floor by parsimonious
- farmhouse flooring by komosims
- club floor by dincer
- cupressus mini by xrax
- grand trianon narrow arch by the dream team
- balustrade "western" by ililas
- simulated deer head trophy by indigorage
- casbah casuals fireplace w/o chimney by mia86
- kick moulding & crown -straight by marylou & numenor
- kick moulding & crown - dark wood by marylou & numenor
- kick moulding & crown - dark brown by marylou
- kick moulding & crown - white by marylou
- grand piano by murano
- canonical column by nanisim
- canonical column -white by nanisim
- modular stairs by numenor
- modular stairs - main package by numenor
- white marble column by pirotessa naria
- black piano by purplepaws
- invisible driveway by roddyaleixo
- saloon piano by pacotacoplayer
- "old mystery" wall sconce by simfantastic2
- sentry spiked fence by spaik
- patrician staircase in concrete by sunni sims
- patrician fence in darkwood by sunni sims
- patrician staircase in darkwood by sunni sims
- wall column by taroo
- wall column - wood by taroo
- wall column - white by taroo
- blue aged stucco by lilacfire
- red stucco by http://www.simplan.s75.xrea.com
- green striped wallpaper by happymoonbelly
- made by nengi65  by nengi65
- autumn victorian wallpaper by parsimonious
- club wall by dincer
- blue stucco plaster by holy simoly
- maxis lost orange stucco by rentchd & lyriclee
- dongle arch in brick by shufonk
- dongle arch by shufonk