Train set toy (new animations) Minor update 16/07/07

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2007 at 3:21 AM
Updated: 29th Aug 2008 at 3:38 AM
Minor update 16/7/2007
I just uploaded a slightly tweaked version of this (I changed a '2' to a '1' in one line ). If you have the old version it appears to be possible for sims to get stuck permanently cheering because of an odd little timing/threading issue. This version *should* fix that issue. Thanks to Llial for bringing this one to my attention. If anyone else has issues or bugs to report, please post them here or let me know in some other way.

Original post

Hi all!

This was originally posted in R&D, but after a few suggestions to do so, I've moved it to regular downloads.

As an example of the new capabilities provided by the Wes' wonderful new animation tool set, this train set toy contains a brand new animation on the object mesh. The train will drive around the track while sims are playing with it, and the windmill in the center will spin. Sims build fun by playing with it, and cheer enthusiastically while doing so.

If you want to create something like this too, then you need to check out the brilliant new animation tools by Wes_h which you can find here:

It allows you to make animations for sims and jointed objects using Milkshape. It's brilliant fun, and orders of magnitude easier than doing it all manually.

There's also a tutorial on using the tools here:

This is a testing download, so please keep that in mind. I don't imagine it will do anything horrible to your game, but we're playing with new techniques here so no guarantees!

You are welcome to clone this object, change it, use it as a base for other projects, copy the code, whatever you want. Just don't claim it in its current form as your own, and if you're planning on redistributing please wait a few weeks in case there are any unforseen bugs I need to fix. The code includes examples of event loops for object animations and sim overlays, which will probably come in handy if you're just starting with non-blocking primitives.

Polys: 880 (across 8 tiles, so pretty low)
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Additional Credits:
Massive thanks have to go to Wes for the tools, his guidance and his patience with me no matter how often I sent it to him in all manner of broken states.