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Apartment Moveout Finance Fixer

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2020 at 1:49 AM
Updated: 3rd Jan 2021 at 4:28 AM
  • Fixed calculation error that could result in restored family funds being 10000 simoleons too low
  • Now with Russian localization, thanks 3ttu!

Apartment Life introduced an annoying new problem - when your sims moved out of an apartment, they got a lot of free money, presumably because the game is doing something silly like selling off all the furniture in the apartment when they move out, which doesn't make sense since that furniture in most cases wasn't actually paid for by them and thus isn't theirs to sell. Pescado "fixed" this in his apthack by making your sims pay for all that furniture when they moved into the apartment in the first place. But there are several problems with this fix: 1) it makes it prohibitively expensive to move into an apartment, which sort of defeats the purpose of apartments, 2) if you don't depreciate everything in the apartment before moving in, you will lose a lot of money, and 3) even if you do depreciate everything in the apartment before you move in, you still lose money because it turns out Pescado miscalculated how much the apartment deposit should be.

Well, I was also not able to figure out how the game calculates the amount of free money it gives your sims when they move out, so I fixed it a different way. With this object installed, when you move out of an apartment, do the following:
  1. Before moving out, purchase the Apartment Moveout Family Fund Fixer, which costs 0 simoleons, looks like the cute alien poster from Apartment Life and is available from Misc/Misc or from Decorative/Misc.
  2. Select the "Prepare for moveout" option, which should show you your current family funds. Afterwards it will be disabled and read "Saved family funds" instead. Take note of what this amount is; that is the actual amount of money your sims have to spend on their new house or apartment.
  3. Move out of the apartment. Your sims will gain a bunch of free money.
  4. Move into a new house or apartment that costs less than the amount you saved with the family fund fixer.
  5. Place the family fund fixer again, and select "Restore family funds", which will set your family funds back to what they should be. This option will show you the amount that it will set your family funds to, which should be the amount you saved, minus the cost of the lot (if you moved into a house) or the rent (if you moved into an apartment). If you spent more than the amount you saved, the option will be disabled and will read "Restore family funds: Negative amount" instead (meaning that if it were to show you the amount, it would be negative, but I don't actually trust the game to properly display potentially large negative numbers). If you are in a house, you can place mortgage shrubs from SimLogical until the lot is cheap enough that the option is enabled. Or you can just place them before buying the house, as you would normally.

To clear saved family funds for any reason, place the object and select "Reset". Note that the object will not work on an apartment base lot - that is, if you place the object in the common area while building the apartment, your sims will not be able to use it until they actually rent an apartment.

Now that you have this object, you probably don't want Pescado's apartment deposit anymore, unless you are a true masochist. If you use apthack, get "No apthack apartment deposit" from here: http://modthesims.info/d/616145/no-...nt-deposit.html

Game Compatibility

This hack requires Apartment Life.

Hack Compatibility

This hack should not conflict with anything, as it is just a self-contained object (and token) that does not override any game resources.