Harry Potter Collection: Quidditch Pitch

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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MAGIC: Harry Potter Collection of Lots!


This set includes both residential and commercial lots. There are a total of 25 download pages (with 34 individual files to download) in this collection.

Harry Potter Collection: Quidditch Pitch

This lot contains my version of the Hogwarts' Quidditch Pitch, a community pool and an empty tickets building. I wanted the Pitch to be functional for your Sims. It includes places to play, places to eat, specific areas for each Hogwarts house, etc. I placed four placement buildings on the field for 4 bowling alleys when not being used for "Quidditch" (see image below). The Quidditch Hoops by lorelly can be place directly behind the bowling alley placement buildings. While this is not the "movie" version of the Quidditch Pitch, I really hope you will enjoy this lot as much as I do. I can't wait to clear the field, add the fly potion and watch Quidditch players zoom around in full uniform above the stadium.

Community Data
Furnished (except the Ticket Building) / Ticket Building / Resort Style Swimming Pool (with seating for each Hogwarts house) / Ground Level and 3 Stories / Ground Level = Quidditch Field (with four color coordinated placement buildings for bowling alleys/1 for each Hogwarts house) / First Level = 2 Restrooms, Dining Hall Level, Dining Booths for to 16 Sims, Poker Room, Photo Booth, Magazine Shop, Game Shop, Outdoor Chess, Seating for up to 24 / Second Level = 2 Restrooms, Formal Dining, 2 Kitchens, 4 Restaurant Podiums, Dining Booths for up to 16, Seating for up to 20 to view the Match / Third Level = 4 Corner Seating Areas are for Quidditch Team Leaders, Center Seating Areas are for Teachers and the Commentator with enough space to place a Commentator speech podium.

ADDITIONAL DOWNLOADS! (As Seen in Above Image and the Image Below)
Although the following items are NOT included in the download, I thought it would add a little authenticity to this lot:
- The Quidditch Hoops by Lorelly
- New Banner Meshes by Lethe
- Hogwarts Lethe Recolor Banners by tiggerypum
- Hogwarts Hanging Banners by boblishman

*You may wish to add a Maxis Teleprompter, a Lectern or a Podium of some sort to the corner sitting boxes.
Lectern from Around the Sims 2
Invisible Teleprompter

Sophie-David also made the Aspiration/Career Rewards buyable...but you will have to do a bit of reading to know which you need and where to place the files for the objects to show in your game properly. Read through the thread. The teleprompter is in the BASE GAME REWARD Files. These files go in your Bins Folder and allow you to buy them in the catalog once you place the file. Be sure to read download the BASE GAME FILE and COLLECTION FILE. Follow the directions under the INSTALLATION TAB to place the files in the proper place.
Sophie-David's Buyable Career/Aspiration Rewards

All stephanie b. walls, floors and ground covers included in houses downloaded from MTS2 can be used in lot creations on any free or pay site as long as I receive credit for the textures. Please do not post my textures (walls, floors or groundcovers) or lots on other sites without my permission or reupload them as your own by giving them color face-lifts without giving me credit for the original design. Thank you!

These lots are creations from my imagination based mainly on excerpts from the books and on-line information. I am basing very little on the movie versions of each place, so don't expect exact replica's of movie versions of the various places in the Magic and Muggle World.

My vision for this neighborhood is that the students do not "live" in Hogwarts. I see the school as home to only a few teachers (Dumbledore, McGonagall, Trelawney). Everyone else is spread out in either their family homes or in the Summer Houses.

I used the floorplans found on the Harry Potter Lexicon site as inspiration. For extensive Potter INFORMATION, checkout the HP Lexicon here: www.hp-lexicon.org

Be sure to download the entire Harry Potter Collection of lots here at Mod the Sims 2:

Enjoy the download!
Stephanie 2U

Lot Size: 5 x 6
Lot Price: §0 (Community Lot)

Custom Content by Me:
- Hogwarts Floor 1
- Inspired Floor 8
- Quidditch Floor 1 (Grass)
- Quidditch Floor 2 (Grass)
- Quidditch Floor 3 (Grass)
- Sci-fi Metal 7
- Gravel Stone
- Moss Brick
- Hogwarts Quidditch Blue
- Hogwarts Quidditch Green
- Atomic Wall 1
- Atomic Wall 2
- Atomic Wall 3
- Atomic Wall 4
- Atomic Wall 5
- Atomic Wall 6
- Atomic Wall 11
- New Hogwarts 1
- Gryffindor Quidditch Sign
- Hogwarts Quidditch Sign
- Hufflepuff Quidditch Sign
- Ravenclaw Quidditch Sign
- Slytherin Quidditch Sign