Harry Potter Collection: Train Stations

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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF MAGIC: Harry Potter Collection of Lots!

This page contains 2 separate lots: King's Cross Train Station and Hogsmeade Train Station. There are 4 total downloads including an updated, fully furnished version of King's Cross Station (See Below Image of Modern King's Cross) and a Textures Only Version of the Old King's Cross. The Textures Only Version is FURNISHED using only Maxis/EA objects and stephanie b. walls and floors.


Harry Potter Collection: Train Stations (Hogsmeade and King's Cross)


No Harry Potter Collection would be complete without lots that include the Hogwarts Express! I created 2 lots to showcase the train. The first lot is the Hogsmeade Train Depot. The second lot is my Sim version of King's Cross Train Station. I KNOW this is not a perfect replica, but I hope I have captured the spirit of King's Cross. The Hogwarts Express is smaller in the King's Cross lot because I lost myself focusing on the station itself - Sorry! However, the Hogwarts Express on the Hogsmeade lot is much more roomy(with a small engine and 4 boxcars - one for each Hogwarts' House). The boxcars each have an empty cabin (perhaps for bathrooms or snack rooms), a private cabin that seats 4 and 3 rows that seat 6 Sims. Both lots are included in this download. Now your Sims have access to two of the many portals between the Muggle and Magical Worlds!

Community Data

Hogsmeade Train Depot:

COMMUNITY LOT / 0 Simoleons / PARTIALLY Furnished / 8 Shops (4 Decorated) / A Pedestrian Overpass (Bridge) / The Hogwarts Express (Engine, 4 Boxcars, Seats 40 plus 2 Engineers)

King's Cross Train Station:

COMMUNITY LOT / 0 Simoleons / FURNISHED / Lobby / 2 Connecting Rooms / Train Tunnel (for 2 Trains with Hogwarts Express on one track and a sign for Platforms 1 - 10 including Platform 9 3/4) / Hogwarts Express (Engine, 2 Boxcars, Seats more than 20), Flower Shop / Clothing Boutique / Restaurant / Restrooms


- If you would like an older version of King's Cross from the Victorian London Collection, go here:
-Link to Harry Potter Travel Trunks


Other Information:

I owe the deepest of gratitude to all the extraordinary artists whose objects helped to bring my vision of Harry Potter's Magical World to life! Thank you for sharing your time and talent with the Sim community. Thank you to the following artists for helping to bring a little "magic" to the Sim World: Be sure to browse the links at the end of the post for other fabulous downloads by each artist!

This set includes both residential and commercial lots. There are a total of 25 download pages (with 34 individual files to download) in this collection.


All stephanie b. walls, floors and ground covers included in houses downloaded from MTS2 can be used in lot creations on any free or pay site as long as I receive credit for the textures. Please do not post my textures (walls, floors or groundcovers) or lots on other sites without my permission or reupload them as your own by giving them color face-lifts without giving me credit for the original design. Thank you!

These lots are creations from my imagination based mainly on excerpts from the books and on-line information. I am basing very little on the movie versions of each place, so don't expect exact replica's of movie versions of the various places in the Magic and Muggle World.

My vision for this neighborhood is that the students do not "live" in Hogwarts. I see the school as home to only a few teachers (Dumbledore, McGonagall, Trelawney). Everyone else is spread out in either their family homes or in the Summer Houses.


Be sure to download the entire Harry Potter Collection of lots here at Mod the Sims 2:

Enjoy the lots!
Stephanie 2U

Lot Size:
Hogsmeade Train Depot 5 x 6 Lot
King's Cross Station 5 x 6 Lot

Lot Price:
Hogsmeade Train Depot §0 (Community Lot)
King's Cross Station §0 (Community Lot)

Custom Content by Me:
- Charmed Floor 2
- Dark Oak Wood Floor
- Sci-fi Metal Floor 4
- Sci-fi Red Floor
- Gravel Stone
- Blood Red Brick Wall
- King's Cross Wall 3
- Atomic Floor 48
- Hogwarts Train Floors (5 Floors)
- Inspired Floor 8
- Sci-fi Pale Green Floor
- Atomic Wall 12
- Atomic Wall 18
- Hogwarts Train Set (20 Walls)
- King's Cross Train Set (30 Walls)
- Polar Express Set (6 Walls)
- Train Fronts A & B (2 Walls)

Custom Content Included:
- The British Flag by Frillen
- The British Post Cover and Phone Booth Cover by -Maylin-
- The Shopping Cart by AbstractSIMmer187
- The Luggage Set by MizzesSimmer
- White Pediment by Ailias