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The Missing Majors Uberpack!

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Uploaded: 1st Oct 2007 at 4:53 PM
Updated: 29th Sep 2011 at 4:19 PM by whiterider
29th March 08 - French Translations now added to everything except Vehicle Immobilisation! Thanks very much to the wonderful Frenchfry for the translations!
DO BE AWARE that some of the french translations may not show up completely ingame - this can't be fixed without rewriting the whole kaboodle. A few mistranslations are also inevitable.

18th Feb 08 - Sociology should now be fixed, please redownload (and feedback!)


Ok, so the powers of random have deserted me for now. You'd'a thought, after making a Grilled Cheese and a Water Maths major, I might be rather unlikely to ever do something normal. Shows how much I know. In the interest of getting this stupid sensibleness out of my system, I present to you:

The Missing Majors Uberpack!

Having just started college, I've been spending a lot of time reading through curricula for a huge range of subjects. I'm now taking four, and by the Maxis standard of eleven subjects, that would mean that nearly half of my college would be taking at least one of the same subjects as I am. Which, well, they're not.
So I figured it would be kinda nice for those of you who actually play this game to have some realistic courses for your simmies. So I picked 44 subjects, and made from them 30 majors. There is a Bermuda Triangle in my hardrive, oh yes.

The icons are either mine, ripped from Maxis careers, or extracted from the game's UI.

All of these have unique GUIDs, and will not overwrite anything, Maxis or custom. Fairly obviously, University is required. They are compatible with any EP. Yes, they'll work with Seasons, Bon Voyage, even Pets - you just need to have University.
They have all been tested from start to finish, fixed, and tested again. Lots of fun managing a dorm with 30 sims in it. However, I did most of the testing with an aspirin in one hand and a box of tissues in the other; so I may have missed something. If you find a bug, please tell me:
  • Which major the bug is in
  • Which semester the bug is in
  • And obviously what the bug is
Chances are I can fix it in five minutes.

You do need this hack by FrikaC. Read the instructions, it's easy.

So, because I know y'all aren't fond of reading (), on to the downloads. Read it ALL, trust me

Disclaimer: All (or most) of the following descriptions and class titles are in jest. If you have a profession, I've probably insulted it. Don't take it to heart, I'm just a comical cynic.
There is some form of dry humour, sarcasm, reference (to all things ranging from Harry Potter to Stargate), or entirely uncalled for dig at someone in nearly every line. Cookies to anyone who spots them all.
And don't forget to check out the Mickey Mouse course! (bottom of the list)

If you are insane enough to want all of them, lookie here - or you can download the full set from this post (don't ask )!


Additional Credits:
SimPE, as always
The lovely staff, for several verbose contributions
And the disgusting illness which gave me lazy days off to finish this