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Maxis Match Nursery Wallpapers and Carpets

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Uploaded: 4th Oct 2007 at 5:26 AM
Updated: 30th Aug 2008 at 7:32 PM
Here are a set of wallpapers with matching carpets that I created to match the Maxis crib bedding patterns. Each wall is available in four styles:

1) Baseboard only
2) Baseboard and crown moulding
3) Beadboard only
4) Beadboard and crown moulding

See the composite images attached to this post to see examples of the full variety included. Most walls were done with white trim, though the camos were done with a dark wood as white seemed out of place on those. It should be noted that the wood was colorized from the Maxis light wood trims, and as such will most likely not match Maxis dark wood trims. Some examples of how these papers and carpets look in rooms:

Pink and Yellow sets:

The white carpet that is included in the rar file and is shown below in the composite also looks good with either of these wallpapers.

Blue Moons and Green Alien (Maxis calls it cropcircle):

The JPG really does not do these papers much justice, but I could not improve the quality of it any more and still be within the file size limits for the site. It should also be noted that the green alien does not truly match the corresponding bedding as I had to darken the green considerably to get something that wasn't, well, rather hideous and screamingly flourescent when put on a full wall. Some of the colors in it are still rather flourescent, such as many of the yellows and the green in the aliens in the border. This lends an odd, but interesting (at least IMO) "reflectiveness" to the paper when used with normal lighting, and the aliens in the border seem to glow depending on how the light is hitting them. I did not really plan these effects...they simply happened.

And finally, the two camoflages:

These turned out better than I'd expected, though the orange might be a bit bright for some tastes, especially used with the baseboard versions. Used with the beadboard as shown, I did not find it to be too overwhelming, but others might feel differently.

I'd love to hear feedback on these papers, and Thanks are always nice if you like them and decide to download them. Please do not clone or redistribute the files. You are welcome to include them with lots you upload to MTS2 (preferably) or to any other free site. No pay sites or Exchange please. Just please give proper credit, and a link back to this post would be nice as well.

Additional Credits:
- Maxis for the original textures, which I have modified to greater or lesser extents to make them work as wallpapers.
- CG Textures for the carpet texture which I recolored as needed.