Golden Years Retirement Home

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The Golden Years Retirement Home is the perfect place for your sims to settle down and end theid years in peace.

front view:

Back view:

Sims enter through a small porch into an entrance hall/ t.v. room. From there they can either go into the art studio, which is in a conservatory and has beautiful views of the back garden for those landscape artists; or into the hallway with staircase and elevator up to the second floor. Downstairs there is also a large lounge/ study, and a kitchen/ diner with plenty of room to dine on the patio outside.

Downstairs view:

Upstairs there are 5 double bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. There is also a terrace/ balcony that overlooks the back garden.

Upstairs view:

In the back garden there is a small studio apartment for a caregiver, furnished with everything they need to be comfortable. The only thing that can't be found in the caregiver's apartment are skill building objects, for that they will have to venture into the main house.

Furnished? Yes
Landscaped? Yes
Custom Content? No

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 206,348

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