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Uploaded 4th Jan 2008 at 5:49 AM · Updated 6th Jan 2008 at 5:06 AM by whitesiren : Just fixed a few minor details in my post

This lot is a tribute to all the marvelous Creators, folks who comment, and the overall wonderful community here at Mod the Sims 2! So Enjoy!

I don’t really feel it’s contest worthy, but this category seemed the most fitting… I’m not very good at house building but I hope some of you like it at least. I think it looks all right though. It’s based off an adorable country home I know, but I took several liberties. It’s only party furnished (but entirely livable as is), my apologies! It is partly landscaped outside (just a little hill with apple trees), but fully planted and of course comes with crops. It has been playtested.

It's a bit of a contradiction in terms, I know, but I figured this way even poorer/new sims don't have to settle for a Green Acres to get started in farming before moving onto a nice ranch. (Plus small lots can be handled on any computer.)

There is also a version without Echo’s crops for those of you without Seasons.

I hope you enjoy. I figured reading the prompt to make a pre-Seasons challenge, you can’t get much more than base game, yeah? I also tried to keep CC to a minimum.

Don’t forget! You’ll need to download the harvest basket for Echo’s crops for work correctly from:
For Marvine’s stairs to work correctly you’ll need to download the animations from:
I didn’t include them because these have to do with the FUNCTION, not with the lot itself. My apologies for the trouble.

There seems to be a problem with Echo’s crops when occasionally they revert and “glow” when included in a lot. (I believe this happens because they were cloned from the money tree, or if you didn’t download the harvest basket?) Try re-downloading the Sims2Pack file or just reinstalling the lot if you get the glowing plants problem.

Lot Price: 19,934
Lot Size: 3x2

Version without crops is only 19,759 but I didn’t put anything in it’s place so you will have to fill in the hallows.

Now, don’t hesitate if you find any problems with this lot (due to personal problems I may be a while getting back to you but I will try to be as prompt as I possibly can). If you enjoy this comments and/or thanks are always appreciated!


Custom Content Included:
- Apple Tree by Echo
- Grape Vine by Echo
- Lettuce by Echo
- Red Cabbage by Echo
- Simple Spiral Stairs - Left turn by Marvine
- "Good Ol' Times" Coal Stove (UV) by Numenor
- Simple Spiral Stairs - Left turn by Marvine
- "Good Ol' Times" Coal Stove (UV) by Numenor

Additional Credits:
Rhiamom for her tutorial on how to create a basegame environment on a mac (
Again, huge credits and thanks to everyone who makes MTS2 such a wonderful place to be!

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