Metro Series - Pinnacle Office Tower

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- Welcome to the Pinnacle of office buildings. Here at Pinnacle Office Tower we have office space for any of your yup-scale Sims. The office building features a parking garage, fitness center, glass elevators, conference rooms, cubicles, break rooms, and upscale offices for even the most elite CEOs.

I use this office building as one of the backdrops for pictures of my office working Sims. It also makes a good building for your downtown neighborhood views. I have tried to keep the custom content to a minimum. There are a few re-colors by me of some Maxis objects. Also there is my re-color of an awesome security desk by darylmarkloc (major thanks!!).

Also an enormous Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You !! to Numenor for the window walls and doors.

It is a tall building (9 floors) and can be a little slow to play if your PC is a little underpowered, but I have found it useable for pictures. I currently have it setup as a residential lot, but it can easily be transformed to community.

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 583,981

Custom Content by Me:
- Recolor or Security Desk Warm Wood

Custom Content Included:
- Seamless WallWindow Door by Numenor
- Seamless WallWindow by Numenor
- Seamless WallWindow DoubleDoor by Numenor
- Silver Stained Concrete by CokeBuilder
- Seamless WallWindow DoubleDoor by Numenor
- Seamless WallWindow Door by Numenor
- Seamless WallWindow by Numenor
- ND Locker room Bench by thefuzmixman
- Security Desk by Darylmarkloc
- HP Pavilion a210n by KenjiKitsune
- The Glass Elevator by Macarossi by macarossi
- Stone 02 Light Flooring by Rumbo

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