Basegame Female Hairs for All Ages, add-on packages, meshes by melodie9

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Uploaded 18th Mar 2008 at 6:05 PM · Updated 19th Mar 2008 at 9:42 AM by gwillewyn

I want to make it very clear to everyone that I'm in no way criticising the work melodie9 did on her hair packages! She did a fantastic job of meshing and colourbinning, much better than many creators do. I just wanted to take it one step further and blend her hairs in perfectly with the EA hairs.

This is one in a series of add-on packages where Maxis were too lazy to do the hair for all ages. Melodie9 converted the meshes, I tinkered, fiddled and screwed around, linking the hairs to the existing ages.
If you are using default replacement textures (such as the natural redhead project) these add-ons will adopt those textures.

I've used the blond hair in my screenshots only because it shows up better in pictures: the black, brown and red hairs are included in the same package, no worries.

Silly EAxis names:

Meshes included with permission.

I know I haven't done up very many female hair meshes, mostly that's because the male situation was more desperate; there's a lot of female CC around. If I get around to doing any more, I'll upload to this thread.

Important: Do not delete the files from inside the game (CAS/Bodyshop), it might corrupt your game files. If you want to remove the files from your game, delete the packages manually from your downloads folder.

Polygon Counts:
Same as Maxis.

Additional Credits:
melodie9 who does the job EA was too lazy to do.
jfade, who doesn't get half the recognition he deserves for his programs, and his Wardrobe Wrangler, which saves me a lot of time and tedious copy and paste work.

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