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F-IN evo 5 Non Default skinset sexy feet and warlokk compatible

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2011 at 6:29 AM
Updated: 6th Mar 2011 at 7:52 AM
This is a non default skinset for TS2
a very far & loose evolution from my previous F-IN evo 4, apart from being used as base, almost every part of it got replaced (except for feet and hands)

it is more natural, realistic than my previous works, as my style has also changed, some key features of this set are:
-360 detailed (like every part of it detailed, and mostly seamless)

-natural anti spotlight glare rendering, with multiple light sources in mind

-highly personalized, it is not just simple recolor, as each tones is unique, it has subtle differences between them.
-covering all ages and body fitness level

-natural good looks, genetic faces have eyelashes, and natural looking lips that is good enough to be used without any makeup, however they are not overly done.

There are 4 tones:
s1=light , s2= tan, s3= medium, s4= dark

in the screen captures I use:
XM's hair, Nouk's Don tribute hair, Peggy's hair, and Ren's hair
all of the free version
sorry if I missed something, as I haven't touched TS2 for few years, Thanks to all the creators

I use my own eye set F-IN evo 5 eyes which is also being uploaded here, might be available sooner than or after this post

the default skin replacement set is available here:
(barbie waist down)

or here:
(detailed waist down)

other versions of non default sets are available here:
and here: