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Starterville Flats 4 (Unfurnished Starter)

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Uploaded: 22nd Apr 2008 at 8:33 PM
Updated: 30th Aug 2008 at 10:17 PM

This is not your ordinary starter!

So...I am SICK of starter houses. Or, at least, other builders don't add the features I think are important. Add in the fact that I've started a few legacies and am sick of the whole "shack in the middle of a ginormous lawn concept," I decided I'd try my own hand at some starters of my own.

Ground rules:
- Minimal CC
- Small Lots
- No cheating by depreciating the furnishings ahead of time
- Picking walls and floors that look decent, not just the cheapest stuff in the catalog

Is it cheaty to have a "starter" that's unfurnished? Well, I ran a poll on thesims2 community on Livejournal and, while a lot of people wanted the best furnished lot for the price, no small number would like to see the best UNFURNISHED lot for the starting price. Add in this floor plan I used and I think the house is a steal at under 20,000, even if your sim might need to find a roommate--fast--just to be able to afford a bed and refrigerator.

So let's see what we've got so far...
- Lot Size: 2x3
- Foundation: Yes
- Parking: None, but room for a driveway
- Bedrooms: 3
- Bathrooms: 2
- Big porch

Price: 19,691

1 - Living Room
2 - Kitchen
3 - Bathroom
4 - Bedroom

No fancy interior pics, because I didn't really have to do any decorating. Only one piece of CC in the entire lot, and that's because Maxis couldn't make a white railing without messing THAT up!

Custom Content included in file:
- "More White" Longhorn Balistrade by Ailias

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price: 19,691

Custom Content Included:
- Longhorn Balustrade in White (More white) by Ailias