Recolors for BibloFile and CinderBook books (and bookcase recolours too)

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Uploaded: 7th May 2008 at 12:14 PM
Updated: 12th Oct 2009 at 3:31 AM
Requires the CEP.

Three Four recolours for the books in two of the cheap bookcases, with more detail and in less horrible colours and much less ugly in general than the blurry disaster that comes with the game. They're also more logical, because now at least some of the books that sims can pull out of the bookcase are *in* the bookcase in the first place.

1. Book recolours

The actual book texture is the same for both bookcases, only differently mapped: it's four sets of books, made avaliable for two bookcases each, so you're not going to miss anything no matter which bookcase you use.

The book sets are roughly themed -- one has more cookbooks, one has more tacky pink novels, and one has a bit of everything -- but not so much so that you couldn't put them next to each other.

Some of the front and back sides (wild mix from the first three sets -- there are 72 front/back sides all in all):

Update, 2008-05-07: I just added another one, in-game screnshot in post #12 -- here are a few of the front/backsides:

The first three sets I've also tweaked a little bit more, hence why I replaced the entire download.

I used some in-game icons and screenshots for this (thanks very much to SaraMK and Richief for digging up the icons ), everything else is by myself. I know that the mapping is a little bit off in some places, but there's only so much I can do .. it seems like the UV map is off in the first place (blame Maxis not me); I made it so that the texture fits where it's most prominent and is off in less visible places (for an example, see the two versions of the girl-with-blonde-guy book pictured above, it appears twice in the bookcase -- the larger version fits, on the smaller one the cover is cut off a little on the left side).

The book recolours are twice the original resolution because I think they're worth it. I don't notice a performance difference on my lame old computer. Your mileage may vary.

2. Bookcase recolours

I've also thrown in seven recolours for the BiblioFile bookcase in simple solid colours (white, light and dark grey, light blue, light yellow, orange, and a very red red -- only the white one is pictured below but they're the exact same colours as the retro stuff I made, except for the red). The book and bookcase recolours are independent from each other (so you won't accidentially delete books when you think you're deleting a case).

The bookcase recolours are very lightweight, only 4k each.

You can use this for whatever you like; please link back to this thread when you upload it anywhere. Please respect that I don't do requests.