Tomb of Ghost 080712

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2008 at 5:31 AM
Updated: 18th Jul 2008 at 1:56 PM

Mainpulate ghosts on your will. Spawn a ghost and terrify sims, let ghosts work for you for a while. This is an object which is immitating Sims 2 tombstones and you can make use of ghosts in various ways using this item.

Category and Price



Assign: Assign a ghost.
Scare.../SimName: Let the assigned ghost terrify a specific sim.
Haunt.../GhostName: Spawn a ghost and let it go around on your lot.
Ghost Worker.../GhostName: Spawn a ghost and let it work as a maid for a while.
Clear.../GhostName: Clear ghost from lot temporarily.
Clear.../All: Clear all ghosts from lot.
Kick: Kick this urn.
Mourn: This seems to be a bit nonsense because actually this is no one's tomb at all, but if you want to mourn, do it.
Ghost Color: You can set ghost color for spawned or assigned ghosts.
Option.../Schedule Haunt: Let the assigned ghost to haunt every day periodically.
Option.../Schedule Work: Let the assgined ghost to be spawned every day and work on your lot.
Option.../Remove Schedule: Cancel the schedules described above.
Option.../Turn On(Off) Death by Fright: Originally sims can die of fright when they see ghosts in the game. It's random but it's possible. You can turn it off exclusively for this modded tomb object.
Option.../Turn On(Off) Day Ghost: Originally ghosts won't appear at day time. But you can make them go around at day time too.

How to Use

1. Assign a ghost.
2. Scare a sim.


1. This is not a global hack.

2. Although this tombstone looks like a tomb or urn, it's not classified as a tomb or urn at all. So you cannot move this tomb to cemetries. Also even if you delete this tombstone for which a ghost is already assigned, the owner ghost won't be unlinked. So you can safely do whatever things you would want to do with this tomb object.

3. Ghost worker is just a combination of three simple work routines. Please don't expect too much from this worker menu.


1. Pre-ep2 check will work more correctly.


1. Fix for base game users.
2. Fix for SP8 IKEA users.