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Uploaded: 15th Jun 2008 at 3:49 PM
Updated: 18th Jul 2008 at 1:51 PM
by Christianlov @ Daum Syabrina Sims

Easy Computer

Easy Computer.../Find all Jobs: Search all jobs one by one and be offered.
Easy Computer.../Power Email: Send e-mail to any sim.
Easy Computer.../Power Chat: Chat with any sim in the neighborhood.
Easy Computer.../Faster Novel: Write a novel in a few seconds.
Easy Computer.../Auto Chat: Auto chatting with a sim (among sims whom is known to the selected sim).
Easy Computer.../Auto Power Chat: Auto chatting with any sim.

Job Finder

Job Finder.../Job Field Name: List all available jobs and be offered.


Study.../Cleaning: Learn cleaning using computer.


Options.../(Do not)Quit Chatting Automatically If Social Motive Is Full:
Options.../(Do not)Invite Sims While Chatting:
Options.../Skill Gaining Speed - Default to 10000%: Set skill gaining speed. ("100%" means "100% faster" here)
Options.../Easy Chat Relationship Increment - -10 to +100: Set rel inc value for "Easy Chat", "Power Chat", and "Auto Power Chat".
Options.../Auto Chat with Female: Sims will auto chat only with female sims.
Options.../Auto Chat with Male: Sims will auto chat only with male sims.
Options.../Auto Chat with Opposite Gender: Sims will auto chat only with sims of opposite gender.
Options.../Auto Chat with Same Gender: Sims will auto chat only with sims of same gender.
Options.../Show Options: Check option values.

Easy Business

Easy Business../Power Hire for This Lot: Hire sims unlimitedly.
Easy Business.../Power Hire for Community Lot: Hire sims for com lots unlimitedly.
Easy Business.../Purchase Community Lot for Free: Get com lots for free.


I hope this will be compatiable with all versions of TS2.


1. Some of the original computer menus are included as Computer.../ sub menu.
2. "Easy Chat Rel Inc" option won't be applied to the original computer chatting menu.
3. When you change inc value for speed options, you can quit chatting or learning skill once to make it applied, then you can continue chatting or learning.
4. When you want to check the relationship point when your sim is easy chatting, you don't need to be bothered to look into the rel panel. You can just move mouse pointer over the interaction icon, then it will show you the STR/LTR points(frome me to neighbor, from neighbor to me) and with whom your sim is easy chatting.



1. File size has been reduced.
2. Added Pets, BV, and FT menus.


1. Fix for base game users.
2. Fixed new expansion menus.