A Mclaren Formula 1 Racer with helmet and a Lewis Hamilton Sim!

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Uploaded: 22nd Oct 2008 at 3:11 PM
Updated: 23rd Oct 2008 at 1:49 AM

Hello Again All,

This was a project that I got a few requests for after I posted the Ferrari F1 racer. I had to build this model from scratch and had nothing but a bunch of pixelated pictures to go by. Then I decided to add a helmet for your sim to wear....and let me tell you...My hat is off to anyone that does accessory building. I think I spent more time learning how to add accessories than I did learning to create custom cars! None the less, thanks to HystericalParoxysm, I was able to figure that part out. And then, one of the people who requested the vehicle, sweetswami77, made a fabulous suit for the driver to wear and went on to create a sim of Lewis Hamilton, so now we are calling this a joint effort.

Please Note:

* The helmet will be found under accessories and you may want to change your sim's hairdue when you add the helmet because bigger hair will clip through the mesh.

*There are two versions of the helmet due to the driver who wears two different versions.

*The helmet and outfit will work with the base game, but you will need Nightlife to use the McLaren F1 Racer.

*A big thanks to sweetswami77 for her work and guidance on this project.

*If you are a KIMI fan, you can get the older version of the Ferrari F1 Racer HERE .

Polygon Counts:
Mclaren Racer = 13,786 faces
Helmet = 838 faces

Additional Credits:

As far as the vehicle and helmet, go all material is original meshes and textures.

Included with the sim:

CatofEvilGenius's recolor of HP's Idolatry of Flesh skintone:

Navetsea's F-IN eyebrows:

ReginaS's eyes:

All other material on the sim was made by Sweetswami77.

PLEASE, don't forget to say thanks and leave a comment if you like this download!