Milk Bottle Apartment Door Model Changer

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2008 at 1:55 AM
Updated: 23rd Jul 2013 at 9:35 PM - Added clarification regarding deletion of bottle after use
When apartment life first came out I was looking forward to making streets of houses with multiple families - I was disappointed to learn that the Apartment Door was hardcoded into the game and no other door could be used for Apartments. With the help of Inge Jones from simlogical and Tunaisafish of MTS2 I have created an object mod that makes different models of doors possible. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you -


This milk bottle in its cute (recolourable) holder combined with the door clones in this package makes it possible to use other door types as Apartment Doors. This can be used on existing apartments - see end of post. This has been fully playtested by Tunaisafish, Ingeli and myself (and various other testers who did not report back.....grrr).
The object requires a Sim to activate the milk bottle - see the pie menus in the picture below.

Which doors do you get?

You get up to 12 different doors - if you have all the EPs in the bottle. you DEFINITELY get 8 doors as below:

Mauritania Door, Walnut Door, Value Justa Door, 4 Score door, Colonial Interior Door, Moroccan Door, Leesester Apartment Door (with mat!) and Leesester Colonial Glass Door

Just click on the bottle and one of 2 options appears. Change to or change all - change to works one door at a time, change all will change all the doors on the lot. If you want to change ALL doors on the lot you can put the bottle anywhere, click on "change all" and follow the pie menu. If you want to change just one door put the bottle next to the door you want to change and click on "change to" and follow the pie menu. This means you can have different models of door on your apartment lot all at the same time! Of course, all of these doors are fully recolourable (repository technique doors) and will pick up any recolours of the original doors that you have in your downloads folder.

In the requirements for the object I said that this mod only requires Apartment Life to work; this is true but in order to see the Expansion Pack doors in game you do have to have a copy of the appropriate EP installed. In the menu for the Expansion pack doors next to the Door name is the required EP;
OFB = Open for Business
NL = Nightlife
GL = Glamour Life


You will find the bottle under decorative/sculptures at the reasonable price of 1 simoleon. Please be aware that you need a sim on the lot to change the doors. As you know, when you move a sim out of a furnished residential lot then all your furniture moves with it, so you can EITHER do the door design before you furnish OR use Inge's Stay Things Shrub from Simlogical OR use one of the apartment building cheats. Once a lot has been zoned as an apartment lot then your sim can use the milk bottle to recolour/redesign all the doors on the lot. Once all the doors have been changed, you can delete the milk bottle and the change will stay.


press ctrl+shift+c and type
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true
boolprop aptsublotspecifictoolsdisabled false

Place the bottle by any of the apartment doors and change them at will

press ctrl+shift+c and type
boolprop aptsublotspecifictoolsdisabled true
boolprop testingcheatsenabled false

The bottle has 679 polygons, all doors have the same polys as Maxis and will not show in your game as buyable items.

for this item ONLY I ask that you do not include it in lots as all the doors etc are required for this to work properly; however, a milkbottle lot will survive upload and download with the doorchange intact with no bottle on the lot if you leave the door clone in the package. If you decide to use this item for an uploaded lot in the description of the lot please mention this thread to download the bottle in your upload post so your downloaders can get different doors. The lot will still work fine even if the downloaders decide not to get the bottle.

Additional Credits:
Inge Jones for letting me use her forum, Tunaisafish for suggesting the one by one changer and testing, Ingeli for testing and Numenor for rejecting the first version of this mod as this version is a LOT better than the first, and, as always, SimPE.