The Ministry of Magic

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The Atrium:

Department of Mysteries:

title: The Ministry of Magic
lot size: 5x4
Category: Community
Fully furnished

I used my imagination and the harry potter books to create this lot. (it's not based on the movie.)

optional content:
I created a recolour of the Visible Ceiling Tile by jgwhiteus. It's not included in the lot itself but in the other file below. It's a nice addition if you make stories. If you want to use it, first download the mesh by jgwhiteus. In the screenshot it's used as the ceiling of the atrium.

The shiney floors are also not incuded in the lot. They are not required but look great in the atrium. Become a member of this forum and get them as a Forum Gift.

Required but Not Included:
Round Display Case by mickyss
Floating Fetus by mickyss
Traditional (animated) French Mantle Clock by boblishman
Balance 001 by Avenida
Wood basket 001 by Avenida
Serius Black wanted poster by boblishman

Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price: 0

Custom Content by Me:
- avs-box-recolourdarkwood
- Beltanasim golden fence

Custom Content Included:
- Decorative British Public Phone by -Maylin-
- Full-heigh Wall Poster (1 tile) by pixelhate
- Full-height Wall Poster (2 tiles) by pixelhate
- Exquisite Mirror by Adele by Adele
- Exquisite Mirror by Adele recolour by Adele
- Victorian-Gothic Armchair by Adele by Adele
- Victorian-Gothic Chaise-Longue by Adele by Adele
- Victorian-Gothic Coffee Table by Adele by Adele
- Victorian-Gothic Octagonal Endtable by Adele by Adele
- Victorian-Gothic Loveseat by Adele by Adele
- gothicSet_invisibleCushion by Adele
- gothicSet_recolor3 by Adele
- gothicSet_recolor5 by Adele
- Victorian-Gothic Ornate Table Clock by Adele by Adele
- Ornate Chinese Bookcase by Adele by Adele
- Ornate Chinese Coffeetable by Adele by Adele
- ornateChineseSet_gold by Adele
- Persianesque Decorative Urn I by Adele by Adele
- Persianesque Decorative Urn II by Adele by Adele
- persianesqueUrns_red by Adele
- Pile of Books by Adele by Adele
- pileOfBooks_olive by Adele
- pileOfBooks_red by Adele
- crystalball by amythestfenix
- Element - box 2 sides open by annevs
- Pretty lean me on something pocketwatch by buggybooz
- Pocket Watch with cover alarm clock by buggybooz
- pocketwatchD_RC1 by buggybooz
- Versatile Display Cabinet Small by gromit
- Versatile Display Cabinet Medium by gromit
- indivivual curtain black by Lord Gothic
- Exterior Ivy (Wall) by Zelia Theb
- WallIvy-Recolour1 by Zelia Theb
- WallIvy-Recolour2 by Zelia Theb
- WallIvy-Recolour3 by Zelia Theb
- WallIvy-Recolour4 by Zelia Theb
- WallIvy-Recolour5 by Zelia Theb
- WallIvy-Recolour6 by Zelia Theb
- WallIvy-Recolour7 by Zelia Theb
- Jupiter Planet Lamp by Kate
- Mars Planet Lamp by Kate
- Mercury Planet Lamp by Kate
- Neptune Wall Lamp by Kate
- Pluto Planet Lamp by Kate
- Saturn Wall Lamp by Kate
- Uranus Wall Lamp by Kate
- Venus Planet Lamp by Kate
- "Oggs & Ends" Crystal Ball by
- "Oggs & Ends" Cauldron by
- "Rizzale's Apothecary" Scales by Kate
- Alchemy notes by Lethe_s
- Pile o' books by Lethe_s
- Crystal ball by Lethe_s
- Dragonhead wall-shelf by Lethe_s
- Low fog by Lethe_s
- Tea set by Lethe_s
- Wand display by Lethe_s
- mist-grey by Lethe_s
- Gentrific "Flame-O-Rama" Fireplace WITHOUT CHIMNEY by mia86
- Men's Restroom Door with recolorable icon by mia86
- toiletsign-men_golden2 by mia86
- toiletsign-women_gold2 by mia86
- Women's Restroom Door with recolorable icon by mia86
- Ministry Of Magic Fountain by XxHalfBloodPrincexX
- cortinaindividual by nazariopilar
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_GRAFF01 by pixelhate
- 2TilesPoster-RECOLOR_GRAFF03 by pixelhate
- 2TilesPoster-RECOLOR_GRAFF04 by pixelhate
- 2TilesPoster-RECOLOR_GRAFF05 by pixelhate
- 2TilesPoster-RECOLOR_GRAFF08 by pixelhate
- 2TilesPoster-RECOLOR_GRAFF11 by pixelhate
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_Poster09 by pixelhate
- 1TilePoster-RECOLOR_Poster10 by pixelhate