Magic Island

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Uploaded: 19th Mar 2016 at 4:00 PM
Updated: 20th Aug 2017 at 1:50 AM
Update to the Ferris wheel here:

Sitting at home bored? Wish your neighbourhood had something new and exciting to do? Look no further, Magic Island is here!

So I had collected a number of downloads suitable for a carnival and thought I would make a lot to share and showcase these new lovely converted items. I didn't realize when I started what a challenge this lot was going to be, it tossed just about every issue possible at me, but here it is-finished! Some items were originally created by Echo & Hexameter and have been updated and made new by Crisps&Kerosene sims and Leefish. All credit to them.

We will follow the McMillan's as they have a day at the carnival.

"Two adults and one child, thanks." Toddlers are free.
The park will spawn a number of NPC's including 6 check out clerks, food judge, makeover artist, barista and the human statue. This is to make the park shops and ticket booths feel more real, but all but the clothes shop cash register can be removed if you wish to cut this down.

It spins, plays music and one sim can ride at a time.

Getting a sim to ride isn't always easy. This is a known bug of the carousel. I found I needed two sim both with ride lined up then cross out one and one sim should ride. I was aiming to get the child, but mum decided she should have first turn. You will find the sims freeze and the carousel stops while you get one on. The adults fit well, children clip the saddle. The sims sit and wave as they go around. Cancel ride to stop them riding.

The carousel was made from the OFB car stand and generates no NPC so it can be removed safely at any time. Grab the separate cc folder for this.

Bumper Cars
Originally made by Echo these have been re meshed by Leefish. Since the bumper cars does contain an NPC a link to the download has been given seperatly. The ride is built you just need to set it up.

Setting the ride up:
Find the parking space at the start of miscellaneous and place one down on each of the coloured rectangles and place a car over the top. I colour coded the rectangles to the cars. Then tell your sim to sit and off they go.

Ferris Wheel
This shows no NPC in SimPE so is included in the lot. Simply click ride. [/spoiler]


Side Show Alley


Other Features

Please Install Separate Folder of CC before installing the park. Some files are uploaded seperatly since they did not all want to come with the file. Also the food items require the recolours to work. On removing the recolours they stopped working which is why they are all included. All food is safe to remove since they do not make memories or favourite foods.

No NPC have been included in the lot. Since the makeover chair spawned an NPC I cleaned the lot in SimPE of all sim references.

Bumper cars (does contain an NPC!) Can be found here:

World Of Wonders (whole set) found here

Please let me know if there are any issues. One thing I have not been able to stop is the lights along the left fence vanishing. The rest stay put.

Just realized I swapped the mens and ladies bathroom doors. Men will have to deal with pink tile, I'm sure they will live.

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price 208,206

Custom Content Included:
- Beach Bucket and Shovel by Maylin MTS
- Jumping castle by Maylin MTS
- Ferry Wheel by Jasana_BugBreeder MTS
- Boardwalk Amusement Standee by Veranka
- Boardwalk Balloons B by Veranka
- Boardwalk Balloons E by Veranka
- Festive Awning by Veranka
- Festive Awning Recolour by Veranka
- Festive Awning Recolour by Veranka
- Festive Awning Recolour by Veranka
- Festive Awning Recolour by Veranka

Additional Credits:
For the creators whose items I used to make this park, the main ones by Crisps&kerosene sims.
Numenor for Any Game Starter
Mootilda Turn on all Lights
For the help and support given on the Creators Feedback board.
Jawusa, Justpetro, maxon, lauratje86, CatherineTCJD, Peni Griffin, Zarathustra and a few others who popped in.