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Retaining Walls (Ground Slope Hider) **2/16/09 Collection File Added**

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Uploaded: 10th Jan 2009 at 4:20 PM
Updated: 11th Oct 2011 at 2:32 AM
I created these retaining walls to hide the ugly slope you get when trying to place windows and doors on a basement. It has 15 choices of fences, 12 wall textures, and 6 ground cover choices. They will work on slopes up to 2 walls.

If you like my creation or effort, please hit the THANKS button. It only takes a few seconds

You can find them in DECO/MISC

The Walls require Nightlife or Higher as I used a carpet as the base mesh. Sorry, but the in game thumbnails are as good as I could get them (if you know of a way to improve them please PM me).

Placement Instructions:
Placement, of all objects, will be on the flat spot at the top of the slope - not directly on the slope
1) Turn off the Moveobjects cheat (VERY IMPORTANT) - You can turn it back on after the walls and ground pieces have been placed.
2) Place Retaining Walls First
3) Place Ground Pieces
4) OUTSIDE CORNER'S You may have to play around with the placement order of the ground pieces and plants BUT IT DOES WORK.

I have used them ingame for several weeks and had no problems.

The fence recolor's match my Wrought Iron, Euro/Classical Ascension, and Chic Porch Sets Set

Most Decorative objects and plants can be placed without using the "moveobject on" cheat.
Flowers, that need watering shouldn't be used, as they will die pretty quickly.
Bushes and trees seem to do fine.

2/16/09 Collection File Added. Place the "tb-Retaining Walls.package" file in the Collections Folder and the "tb-RetainingWallSet.jpg" file in the Collections/Icons Folder.

New low-poly version HERE

Polygon Counts:
The poly counts on the walls may seem high but each wall contains 3 fences.
Retaining Wall Stratight-3598/faces 5531/vertices
Retaining Wall Corner-7124/faces 7821/vertices
Ground Piece Straight-762/faces 1064/vertices
Ground Piece Corner-12/faces 24/vertices.