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Fintastic Fishing Arcade Game With Custom Videos!

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Uploaded: 2nd Mar 2009 at 4:32 PM
Updated: 14th May 2009 at 12:29 PM
Are you tired of your Sims only having the choice between two arcade machines? I was and so I made this Fintastic Fishing Arcade Game.

This arcade game even has its own custom videos that play when a Sim uses it! Well, would you want to see a machine depicting one game but playing a different one?

^click for a bigger pic^

The game costs $1,050 just like the University originals and can be found in the catalogue under the Electronics > Entertainment sort. It provides a fun rating of 6.

Place the 'MM_arcade_fishing.package' file into your regular Downloads folder or subfolder.

Place the 'mm-arcade-fishing' INI file in the following directory: C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 University\TSData\Res\Movies\Games\INI

Place the six .avi video files into; C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 University\TSData\Res\Movies\Games\Arcade

*'C:' is the drive onto which you have installed your game.*

Installation instructions are also provided in the ReadMe file.

Do not upload this file onto any other site, pay or free. I spent many hours building the lot, filming and editing the videos and recolouring the machine.
Music used is 'Dance of the Leaves' by SkippyFox from Newgrounds.com and follows their usage policy. Other sounds are by MAXIS/EA.

If you would like other custom arcade games then Winsyrstrife has created three here on MTS and Paladin has a huge selection over at simwardrobe.com found under Sims 2>Objects>Arcade Games.
Many thanks to them. Looking at their machines helped me to figure out how to make my own.

Polygon Counts:
Exactly the same as the MAXIS/EA original.

Additional Credits:
Paladin from SimWardrobe for his custom arcade machines,
Winsyrstrife for thier custom arcade machines,
SkippyFox at Newgrounds.com for the music 'Dance of the Leaves',
Gramps, Pops and Junior for starring in and testing the game.