No More Vampire Idle Animations

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Uploaded: 19th Apr 2009 at 9:46 PM
Way back when Nightlife was the newest expansion, a young sims player by the name of poifectly_poiple was attempting to stage a scene for a vampire-themed story she was writing. She spent hours setting up the lot and planning out her sims' every move, only to find that any time she left the vampires alone, they did some rediculously cheesy animation that ruined her photographs. After about 30 minutes of such nonsense, poifectly_poiple did what any novice modder would do: she screamed, opened SimPE, and deleted the contents of every BHAV with "vampire" and "idle" in its name.

The mod you see here is the end result of that temper tantrum, albeit cleaned up and fit for public use. Finally, the mod that's been rotting in my Downloads folder since late 2005 has seen the light of day. Putting it in your game will stop all vampires from doing those weird idle animations. They still hiss at the sun and walk like vampires on occasion, although this seems to be very much reduced. Grand Vampires seem to be the only vampires that will still consistantly do the vampire walk.

This will work in any game configuration as long as you have Nighlife. I'm assuming that includes the Deluxe/Double Deluxe editions too, but I can't be sure since I don't own either.