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Fashion Design Career

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 24th May 2009 at 4:03 PM
I have created this career as a request. This career is EP compatible and I have tested it on my own computer. Here is a breakdown of each level within the career. This is a custom career that will not overwrite any pre-existing career. The file includes the Teen career which is linked to the Adult career (which has been tested and works).

1. Gopher: You are just starting out but at least you have a foot in the door. You get to go for coffee and go for lunch and go for any paperwork and copies that are more than two steps away from the office they're needed in. Work hard and your skills may be noticed.
MTWThF 3pm-6pm $80

2: Secretary: You now get to make the copies and make sure all documents for all members of the company get made and make it into the gopher's hands. Work on your charisma and creativity skills and you may get noticed and promoted.
MTWThF 3pm-7pm $100

3: Junior Intern: You are now responsible for making sure the interns have everything they need to get their job done. Good work at making it this far. You're valued at the company and have worked your way to the top.
MTWThF 3pm-7pm $120

1. Intern: You have always had a passion for fashion. You bet against the odds and got the job that everyone dreams of; working as an intern for a top American Designer! Remember to stay focused and develop your creativity and charisma skills. Designers look for inspiration everywhere so be sure to dress chic.
MTWTHF 7am-6pm $150

2. Designer’s Assistant: You are now in charge of organizing photo shoots and merchandise, and you even get to attend fashion shows! While you are keeping busy, continue to improve your creativity and charisma skills. If you want to move up in the fashion world start networking and making contacts.
M WTH SS 7am-6pm $300

3. Design Team Member: All of your attention to detail has paid off and you now have a hand in helping come up with ideas for your boss. Keep building your creativity and stay in contact with the people you have met. Now is a great time to focus on the business side of fashion, build your logic skill and stay on top.
MTTHF 10am-6pm $450

4. Design Team Supervisor: Your boss has seen your potential and has decided to put you in charge of his design team. Creativity is key, keep your team members inspired and keep building your logic and knowledge of fashion.
MTThF $450

5. Fashion Buyer: As a fashion buyer you will learn the process of choosing what pieces to pick up and what to leave behind. This will give you a chance to further your fashion knowledge by seeing what designers are doing. Keep your charisma and creativity up to succeed in this business.
SWTHFS 9am-7pm $700

6. Fashion Stylist: All of your contacts are finally paying off and people are hiring you to dress them for Award Shows, Movie Premieres, or High Society Parties. Your clients are important to you so remember to keep up your knowledge of other designers and keep up your creativity skills. Your eye for and knowledge of fashion will help you to develop your own line.
SMTHFS 10am-6pm $875

7. Label Designer: As a label designer you are now living the dream. All of your ideas are being polished and you are starting to make garments of your very own. Don’t neglect your logic and creativity skills; your knowledge and new ideas put you where you are today, keep up your contacts and your label might just get picked up, even if only by a small company.
SMTFS 9am-5pm $1020

8. Boutique Designer: Your label has attracted funding from your elite contacts and you are now selling your own garments in an actual store to actual people who want them! You are developing a following from locals as well as elite clients. Celebrities are dying to wear one of your originals to an award show or movie premiere and people are starting to recognize your name.
TWThFS 9am-6pm $2800

9. Fashion Show Designer: Your label has now gone mainstream and you have snagged a spot at Fashion Week. Your clothes, handbags, and shoes are in high demand and people are dying to see what this season brings. Your creativity and charisma skills are still at a premium, keep your audience entertained and your models happy and you could be the next big thing!
TWThF 10am-5pm $3400

10. High Fashion Designer: Congratulations. You are now a household name and your garments are being shown in fashion shows around the globe. People are looking to you for inspiration and fashion magazines are using your pieces in photo shots. You are a fashion icon!
TWThF 9am-4pm $5000

*To answer questions I know I'll get:
Yes, there are chance cards. Only one level out of the 13 is without a chance card.
This does have a career reward; no, it is not a custom one. It is the gardening stand.
I have ALL expansion packs and this career works on my computer meaning it will work with any of your expansion packs.
**If your question is not listed here, please feel free to ask me. If I get a question that has already been answered, I reserve the right to ignore it. I get plenty of questions asking if my careers will overwrite other careers or if there are chance cards, etc. I have addressed all of that and, if you want this career, please read it before downloading it.

***Do NOT upload to pay sites. If you use this career in a story or for any other purposes, credit MUST be linked back to me. You are welcome to translate to other languages or edit for your OWN purposes without permission. If you want to edit and re-upload, please come to me with the issue first. I will try to help anyone I can with any issues or suggestions.

Additional Credits:
Shutup&Dance requested this career of me and provided me with a lot of information needed to get this started. Without her assistance, I would not have been able to get this career up as fast as I have.