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Uploaded 6th Jul 2009 at 2:06 AM · Updated 25th Nov 2010 at 10:25 PM by whiterider

Have you ever wished that Sims had umbrellas when it rained? Well we did too and born of that desire is what we have to present to you....drumroll please...the Custom Prop Hack! This is a collaborative project between myself and Adele. The hack, custom poses and accessory placement were by me and Adele made all the meshes and recolors. As machinima directors, we hated that the game lacked basic items that we see everyday so we came up with a list of common items to help us create more realistic scenes. All accessory items have placeable versions for consistency of scenes and, of course, you can never have enough props.

You must download both the hack files and accessories and place them in your Downloads folder for the hack to work. Please note that you MUST also download the placeable versions of the meshes posted by Adele for the accessory textures to show up. Otherwise, they will blink blue.

How it Works
This is based on Jixs' prop hack and works the same way except with all custom poses and meshes. You may find the hack under Hobbies.../Miscellaneous (both residential and community) and it's a steel blue box with a red umbrella on it just as displayed on the screenshot. To use it place it on your lot, activate a Sim and then click on the box to choose your options. The hack is base game compatible and has been tested on the base game without any issues.
  • Each accessory name has either a (R) or (L) next to it. (R) is for right and indicates the accessory will be placed on the right side while (L) is for left. You can combine right and left accessories together- i.e. use them at the same time on a Sim.
  • Under each accessory will be a 'Pose' and 'Add' option. Use 'Pose' to pose the relevant body part and 'Add' to add the accessory. Use 'REMOVE Prop' and 'STOP Pose' to discontinue, selecting 'Right' or 'Left' as appropriate.
  • The custom body poses only pose the necessary part(s) of the body. The rest of the body is free to do what you command whether that be sitting, walking, doing socials, etc. You can even use animation hacks or custom pose boxes with them (provided creators didn't set them on high priority).
  • To change the accessory texture, go to buy mode and use the design tool (the thing that looks like keys next to the day/night toggle). Just a note, the icons will be rotated in odd angles but that is due to the way accessories were attached to the custom pose.
  • The hack was designed for adults and due to the way accesories were physically attached to the Sims, they are not placed properly on other ages. All other ages do the poses correctly but accessory placement will be slightly off- from eldest being the least off to children being the most. In order for other ages to use accessories properly, I would have to alter a set of meshes for each age group and well...that is unlikely at this point so please don't ask.
  • Sometimes when you add an accessory at night (or during the day and it turns to or you set it to night), it gets a blue tint (not blinking, just tint). To correct that, set it to day, place your Sim outside and then add the prop.

Answers to Questions You May Have
  • Please don't ask me if I'll be making this hack (or any other hacks) for Sims 3. I don't have it yet and there is neither SimPE nor animation export tools yet. The answer is no unfortunately and will be that for quite a long while.
  • Please don't ask me for a queued version of the custom poses. That would defeat the whole purpose of the hack and it wouldn't work the way it needs to.
  • We may or may not add more poses/accessories in the future, depending on what Adele or I plan. For now, sorry but I will not be taking requests but may solicit suggestions in the future. The only exception to this is if you're a mesher and have an item you'd like to see added. I may consider this so please PM me.
  • This hack has been tested both with base game only and with all EPs installed without problems. If you have an issue with it, remove all other custom content except the hack and see if it works. If it does, you probably have some other item with which it conflicts. I have tons of hacks in my game and haven't had issues but if you find a conflicting item, please report back.
  • If you would like to create new textures for the accessories, recolor the placeable versions posted by Adele and follow her TOU policy. I would appreciate a PM if you post recolors so I can have them in my game too.

**As always, I would be happy to answer your questions provided you FULLY read the description and feedback. If you would like me to take my time to answer your questions, please take some time to read what's posted. Thanks.

Additional Credits:
-Jixs' Prop Hack for the format-
-Wes' AniMesh Exporter-
-Dr. Pixel's base body meshes-