Under Your Brows (Basic Brows Set)

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2009 at 3:37 AM
Basic brows...

Nothing too special here, just a conversion of the brows I made for TS2, with some changes. Works for both genders and all ages. Thumbnail may show the incorrect age/gender but they work fine in-game - it's just a thumbnail issue. Four styles, all looking fairly groomed.

Yeah, I know, it's not hair, but I get burnt out and need easy projects sometimes.

To install:

1. Download the rar file and extract the .package files from it.

2. Install the .package files - recommended is use of the Helper Monkey!

3. Play! You shouldn't have to delete your cache files. Find the brows in Create a Sim for your new sims, or Change Appearance on a mirror for your existing ones. They will not show under the custom * symbol, but you'll notice which ones are different if you now have default replacement eyes, as they'll be generated with your new eye texture instead of the old.

No requests, please...

I've already got plenty of ideas of my own, and not near enough time or motivation to make everything. With so much to do, I really don't take requests, suggestions, hints, or "ooh that'd be cool!" into consideration, unless you're offering me a clone army with which to do my bidding.

Huge thanks to:

Delphy - For CTU, with which I made this.

All the awesome folks who figured out the file formats and gubbins to allow this to happen.

Baby Einstein - For saving my sanity.