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Tales of 1001 Nights

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Uploaded: 21st Aug 2009 at 10:08 PM
Updated: 22nd Aug 2009 at 12:18 AM
Today I will beginn to upload my arabian series for your Sims.
This is the first, but there are many to follow...:crazygiggle:

First will be my luxourious Villa "Tales of 1001 Nights".
It´s planned for a wealthy Single or Couple...
In the basement they find the kitchen and a seperate dining room, living area and, of course, the outer court with its arches and porcellaine columns in blue and white. There are some benches out there to relax and enjoy the calm. Stepping out from the court, the large terrace has all that´s needed for outstanding parties near the beach of the smal river.
Upstairs is the duoble bedroom and the deLuxe bathroom decorated in beautiful mosaique tiles. On the accessable rooftop with tremendous outlooks finally there is a smal atelier.
Concerning the landscaping it was tried to give it a little oasis atmosphere with much sands and just a few palms and shrubs.

The lot is 6x6 and the price is furnished 159215 S, unfurnished 96178 S.

So, this is the beginning...

I hope there´s a few people out there who like this stile, next will be some smaler houses, starters, a museum and a community pool with bistro.

Additional Credits:

I used items from the EA Storybook Set, the EA Lantern and Light Box.
The bedroom and dining are partly from the awesome Sets by Stylist Sims and there´s a decorative plant of the Asera Set by Mango Sims.

MTS Artist´s meshes needed:

Backless Cheap Shower by petallotus

Roman Seating Set by Deluxe Designs

A Stair for Every Sim by Srikandi

Patterns used:

Paint on Paint by guatla
Mexican tiles by robokitty at kittyclan.com
Maroccan Tiles by Lethe s
Transit Tiles by JaneSaborski

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 159215