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The Log home

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Uploaded: 13th Sep 2009 at 5:05 AM
Updated: 14th Sep 2009 at 11:50 AM - addded CC link
Inspired by a picture I found on the net, I created this scandinavian styled, modern designed, but cozy home for a Single or a couple.
It´s built of natural woods inside and outside, combined with traditional ethnic wool fabrics in warm colours. It has an open living and dining plan with large glas fronts, a smal kitchen and a cozy bedroom with attached modern bathroom.
I really like the style and outcome of this lot, it´s nicely playable, playtested and landscaped. So I hope you will, too.

As always in my case, the lot has loads of CC, but I added some file with custom objects by SimsLulamai because there is a registration needed and the paintings I used with the rar to keep it as comfortable as possible for you. The rest of CC used is listed below with precise links.

The price is furnished 48.623 S, unfurnished 32,423 S

Real house as inspiration, not meant to be exactly alike

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price: 48.623 furn., 32,423

Custom Content Included:
- Painting by Kalypso at Garden of Shadows
- Painting by Kalypso at Garden of Shadows
- Painting by Kalypso at Garden of Shadows
- Painting by Kalypso at Garden of Shadows
- Painting by Kalypso at Garden of Shadows

- Counters by Luna at SimsLulamai

- Sink by Luna at SimsLulamai

Additional Credits:
Custom content list:


Old World map painting by damnedcitizen at the Sim Supply
Bed by Stylist Sims here
Table Lamp Mango Set Asera get it here
Chaise by Mango from Set "Tinyt" here
Dresser from Store


Sink, towel rack and shower by Mango Set "Tinyt" get it here
Board by SimsLunamai (included)
Window by HugeLunatic here
Perfume and candle recolours by damnedcitizen here and here


"The Scream" Painting with alarm by Goodison Goomba here

Living and dining area:

Sofas by Mango from Set Mosok, get it here
Plants by Stylist Sims and By lemoncandy
Vintage Painting Set "Drinks" by Kalypso at GOS (included)
Dining Table and chaises by Mango from Set Asera
Deco board from Store
Blue orchid recolour by damnedcitizen here


"floating" counters by SimsLunamai (included)
"Retro" Paintings as mentioned above


Plant by Stylist Sims
Wall-Lamp from Store