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Maison bretonne

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Uploaded: 13th Sep 2009 at 5:10 AM
Updated: 13th Sep 2009 at 11:43 AM - spelling
This old villa represents the style of the typical houses you can find in the little villages on the french countryside.
Some of them are lucky and get renovated and redecorated by some rich and chique people from Paris.
This is what happened to the "maison bretonne".
So it´s rustique on the outside, but inside it´s got a very modern style with a special country touch.
This house has two duoble bedrooms, one kid´s or guest´s room, three fully equipped bathrooms, a gallery living zone with nice view to the basement living, a smal greenhouse attached and a nice pool in the bewildered gardens.

Feel the charme of the french countryside!

151.760 furnished, 61.983 unfurnished

I love CC and because of this, of course, there´s loads of CC in this lot, too.
I uploaded 3 additional rars with Objects I used created by Luna at SimsLulamai, these are free objects, but the site needs a registration so it´s more comfy for you to download it here.

So here we go again:

Custom content list:

All Stairs by tammy trauma here

Bedroom 1:

Bed by SimsLulamai (included file ) , cussions by Mango from Set "Lilberg" here
Curtains in the whole house by by SimsLulamai (included in rar)

Kid´s room:

Dresser, bookcase and bed from Store Ultrachill Youth Set
cussions by Mango (like above)

Bedroom 2:

Dresser from Store
Chair by Stilist Sims here
Cloth rack and deco stuff from Mango Set: "Imary Artiste" here

Bathroom 3:

Sink by SimsLulamai "Primerbano" Set (included in mesabano rar)
Bathtub from Store

Living and dining area:

Greenhouse bench from Store, Plants by Lemoncandy and Stylist Sims

Coffeetable by SummerAfternoon here

Table by SimsLulamai (from Set Diningroom sofisticado, included in rar)

Chaises in chess corner from Mango´s "Asera" Set here

Candle recolours "Scents of the world" by damnedcitizen here
Deco Books by Lemoncandy here
Deco vases from Set "Nuevos objectos" de SimsLulamai (included)

African Mask by Stylist Sims here

Gallery Living area:

Sofas and coffeetables from Store
Sideboards by Stylist Sims


"floating" counters by SimsLunamai (included)
Stove from Store; Baskets under Counters are theese Toy Boxes from Store:
Chaises from Set "Mi refugio" by SimsLulamai (included in rar)
Table from Store
Deco board with Cans also from Store

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: 151.760 furnished, 6

Custom Content Included:
- table mesh by SimsLulamai
- Curtain1 by SimsLulamai
- Curtain2 by SimsLulamai
- Bed mesh by SimsLulamai
- vase1 by SimsLulamai
- vase2 by SimsLulamai