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The Canden, Modern Family Home

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Uploaded: 12th Nov 2009 at 12:04 AM
The Canden is a newly built house that can be anywhere's and still feel like it belongs there, Built in 2009 The Canden is one of the newest houses on the street, and perfect for a family plus it contains a bonus of a complety separate guesthouse for when the in-laws drop in for a "long vist"
Entry to the house and guesthouse is thourgh a lovely breezeway that connects the two and provides shelter for rain or snowstorms, to the left is the main house which is what we will tour for now!

As soon as you enter the house, be sure to wipe your feet on the slate tiled entryway to make sure you dont track mud in, to the left of the entry way is the living room with a hardwood rug which is a innovation at how rugs should be seen.Beyond the living room is the dining area complete with runner for the table, the stairs up with a small sitting nook next to them and at the back the large open kitchen with plenty of storage space and a small half-bath for vistors or in case your sims need it right then and there, Now on to the second floor!

At the landing for the second floor there's a small nook which is perfect for a plant and a door which leads to what is currently set up as a teenage daugther's room, back out in the hallway we have a small sitting area with the door leading into the second bedroom which is right now a office but can easily be changed back to a bedroom for a growing family.The room to the left of the office is the master bedroom, decked out with a dressing area and one large side window for views of the yard and then we have the main bathroom which serves all three bedroom's but even then it's still nicely done, Now lets go see the guesthouse and wrap up this tour shall we?

To the right of the breezeway is the entry into a small guesthouse with two beds, a private bathroom and there own closet which is perfect for familys that love to have family over for the holiday's or just for the weekends!

Now the house also has the remants of a field of wildflowers as a garden, and a patio with outdoor dining space, all of which comes fully furnished for the semi-high price of $93,057!All of this is offered to you by the T.Holder Architecture & Real Estate Firm.

Please let me know if there's any problems with the lot and i'll try to fix them, till next time T.Holder signing out!

Lot Size: 3x1
Lot Price: 93.057

Custom Content Included:
- Surfaco Cabinet by CTNutmegger
- Grey Wall of Firplace by sarah*rose
- Grey with White Wall of Fireplace by sarah*rose
- Light Brown with Cream Wall of Fireplace by sarah*rose

Additional Credits:
All of those who gave feedback to the house, And of course the lovely custom content creators who made the cc i used for this house!And to all my friends i'm makeing on here ^^