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[Probably Obsolete] Sims 3 - EP Compatibility Tool (Converts/Ports between games) - latest:

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Uploaded: 19th Dec 2009 at 1:29 PM
Updated: 24th Mar 2016 at 9:49 PM

NOTE: EA may have made this tool obsolete...
If someone were to clone an object [say one of the Hot Tubs] from Late Night (EP3) and use it with Base Game Only (updated to at least it would show up and work without EP3 installed -- and show an EP3 icon.
So there may not be a need to change/set EP Flags to make EP/SP clones objects show up/work in base game, etc... with the intention being custom objects and not providing an EP/SP object to users that don't have the EP/SP!

Requires Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework
Current Application Version: (Download - 7z) (Download - Zip)

Latest Version of S3PIWrapper: (Download - 7z) (Download - Zip)-- Just extract this into this apps folder (allow all files to be overwritten) [this, among other things, provides Expansion pack support for new EP(s)]

Known Issues (all versions):
  • Some times the user may get an 'Access Denied to Path' error or similar, when trying to directly read/write to files in the 'Program files' folder.
    1. Trying to open a file in Read/Write mode (.package files in the game directory) [fixed in application, (should be), by opening them in ReadOnly mode] -- This may be an issue with the user not have sufficent security/file permissons on the game folders.
    2. The Application attempts to create new directories or files in 'Program Files' folder (under the application's path), and the user may not have sufficent security/file permissons on the game folders.
    1. Try running the application as administrator
    2. Try running the application from another folder (that you have full-rights to, not in 'program files', example: your 'Documents Folder'.
    3. For working with package files under the game folder, you may need to copy the .package files, to another location such as the desktop or another location -- repeat what you were trying to do, [copy them back, if you were updating them] --> Please Try the first two, before trying this one.

As of, the application will generate informational/error logs,
you may be asked to zip-up the most recent logs when reporting issues
with the application, so please be prepared to upload these logs (to expidite the resolution of the issue).

Note: as of V1.0.0.7: You now have the ability to:
  • Select One or More File(s) To Convert
  • Select A Directory of File(s) To Convert
  • --For Advanced Users-- Ability to set arbitrary bitflags (in-place of selecting a particular game to convert to)
    Currently Setting any flags other than: 0x00 (EP0) -or- 0x08 (EP1) will probably result in the object haveing a blank catalog thumbnail and will probably not be available/useable in-game.

Sims 3 - EP Compatibility Tool:

This utility allows the user to quickly set the EPFlags for various resources in a Sims 3 Package file.

Setting EP Flags on a resource, for one (maybe other reasons too), setting it on the OBJD will make the object in the in-game catalog have the EPs particular icon (such as World Adventure type objects show its icon on the object)

Currently this program supports converting from EP0 to EP1, that is the BaseGame <=> World Adventures. This utility does have support for applying flags for other expansion packs, that have yet to be released by EA - also S3PE seems to have support for other EPFlags besides EP1. (The flags used by S3PE and the S3PI Library are just a set of bitflags)

Using Application to Convert a Package to EP0 (Base Game):

S3PE Showing the resouces as set to EP0 (base game):

Using Application to Convert a Package to EP1 (World Adventures):

S3PE Showing the resouces as set to EP1 (World Adventures):

Additional Credits:
I would like to thanks
PLJones & IngreJones for creating and supporting S3PI Library, S3PE, and S3OC...