'Old Times Sims' - Medieval Village (No CC)

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Hey guys. This has to be the most... annoying, time consuming, awesome, and 'pull hair out-y' lot I have evar made! But I had serious fun making this lot, and I would like to thank all of #Create for feedback and a special thanks to armiel for testing!

Long, long ago, in the year 1374, the King of then-known SimVillage (now famously known as SimCity, and indeed has a mayor, not king or queen) was demanded that he visited a rural village, to get away from the apparently hard work of being invited to Posh Parties and MURDAH scenes (unconventional, I know - but this IS the sims :p).
So, the king put a map of SimVillage up on the wall, and threw a dart. If the dart landed in a rural area, that is where he would visit. If it was a built-up area he would throw again. Luckily for the Servant sim that was standing right next to the map, as he was ordered to hold it up against the wall, the first time the king threw (and may I add that he had a lazy eye - if I were that servant sim I'd be making messes in my pants on demand it landed on a rural area. One flaw. The rural area it landed on had no small village around! So, every one of his servants, and many peasants sweapt up from the cities were ordered over to this area and to start building. No directions were given, and the peasants and servants were a bit clueless. After many moons, and pigs flying, the peasants and servants had eventually finished building the village. But what now? They've built the village... oh yeah! The name! 'What can we call this village?' they all thought. After many suggestions, and uneducated humour, they settled on one of the lousiest names known to SimVillage. But 'It'll do' they said.
The name, 'Old Times Sims'.
Buuut... there was just one problem now. It took them so long to build and come up with a name, that the king had died of a heart-attack from the anticipation of this village. Well, they SAY it was a heart-attack, but did one of the peasants somehow poison him? If so, why? Perhaps to hide that they were clueless, and that the building work was a bit... shoddy? No one knows, but they don't have to! I mean, why should they? They're just sims for sims' sake!

Hehe, hope you enjoyed mah little story for y'all. :D
Also, I've created a photobucket album for you people out there that would like to look at some extra, and not required pictures.
Hope everyone enjoys!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111oneoneonemonkeyjuice

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