Enlisted Marine Corps Career

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2010 at 2:28 AM
Updated: 1st Feb 2012 at 6:42 PM - EP Compatible, not Base Game Only
This career is EP compatible and I have tested it on my own computer and it is working great. There are chance cards for every level. The reward is the obstacle course. Here is a breakdown of each level within the career. This is a custom career that will not overwrite any pre-existing career.

*NOTE: This is an extremely difficult career due to the amount of time the Sim will spend at work. If you would like your Sim to reach the top of the career, it is recommended they be one played from childhood (so at adulthood they already have skills) or for someone playing with their aging off. This career will NOT make your Sim a lot of money.

1. Private SMTWTFS 0500-1800 §50
Left, left, left, right, left. You’re the Marine Corps newest recruit. The entire purpose of boot camp is to tear you down and then rebuild you into the Marine they require you to be. Follow orders, make sure to keep your rack clean, and don’t lag in PT and you just might make it to PFC.

2. Private First Class SMTWTFS 1800-0800 §75
As a PFC, you’re mostly standing duty and keeping an eye on everything…in the middle of the night. Keep your eyes open at all times and make sure nothing gets by you.

3. Lance Corporal MTWTFS 0600-1800 §115
You have been charged with the task of guarding the gate to the base. Standing around all day may look easy but it requires you to keep an eye out for suspicious characters while waving people through. Keep maintaining your physique and stay sharp and you may get a promotion.

4. Corporal MTWTF 0700-1700 §135
You are now an NCO. You rate a blood stripe on your blues and get to carry a sword. This also means you have more responsibility in the form of being a squad leader. Keep working hard and stay focused on all your skills and you will, eventually, be promoted.
*The chance card at this level is re-enlistment. If you choose to re-enlist, your Sim gets a bonus. If you choose not to, your Sim 'retires' (loses his job). Therefore there are only 2 outcomes, instead of a pass and fail, for each choice. It was written this way on purpose.

5. Sergeant MTWTF 0700-1700 §170
Now that you're an experienced vet, the base commander has voluntold you to impart your wisdom to a squad of green, malleable recruits. You never wanted to be back here but here you are indeed. Charisma is important here, as you'll need to drill fear, loyalty, and discipline into those jarheads.

6. Staff Sergeant MTWTF 0700-1600 §225
You have been given the task of recruiting new boots into the Marine Corps. Your presentation must be impeccable, your charisma unparalleled to that of those other guys, and your body needs to be the epitome of Marine Corps standards.

7. Gunnery Sergeant MTWT 0700-1600 §260
You’ve made it up far through the ranks and are now the Company Gunny. You have 4 platoons that rely on you to make sure they receive proper orders and supplies. You are also responsible for disciplining those in your chain of command that do not follow those orders.

8. Master Sergeant MTWT 0700-1500 §335
As a Master Sergeant you are functioning as the Company Operations Chief. Keep track of movements and maneuvers for your company. All operations need to be carried out without a hitch and if something does go wrong, it will fall on you.

9. Master Gunnery Sergeant MTWT 0700-1500 §415
Your success as the Company Operations Chief has lead you to a promotion and you now serve in the capacity of Chief Operations for the battalion. Your experience allows you the opportunity to command multiple companies and coordinate operations for each. Keep your logic high to possibly be appointed for a Presidential Cabinet position.

10. Secretary of Defense MTW 0900-1700 §500
All of your years of experience have led to you being chosen as the principal defense policy advisor to the President of SimNation. You are responsible for all matters relating to general defense of the nation and making sure all such approved policy is executed properly.

I created this career myself and am quite proud of it. If you want to share, please link back to me. Please do NOT redistribute. If you have any questions regarding my policy, see my profile for my complete Terms of Use. If you still have questions, please PM me. Otherwise, enjoy. I would love feedback from anyone trying this career. I hope y'all enjoy it!

I had a question regarding uniforms. I have made cammies, Charlies, and dress blues with both blue and white bottoms for each gender.

Side Note: First of all, I know Marines blouse their boots. However, I was not able to find a mesh I could use to display this properly. Please don't request a change to the cammies to 'fix' this issue. Also, neither male or female Marines wear covers outside in game, although it is part of uniform regulation. There are not hat/hair accessories to my uniforms so, if you so desired, your male marine can have an out of reg hair cut and your female marine can let her hair touch her collar. Please do not ask for a change to this as well. If you want it to be more accurate, choose a hair cut or hair style that would be considered in regulation.

If you love this, don't forget the thanks! I love seeing how people enjoy what I have created. Makes the hard work worth so much more in the end!