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Kensei Miyagi Dojo

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Uploaded: 31st Aug 2010 at 3:19 PM

No one from Sunset Valley ever tried to visit old Miyagi's lot. The hermit lives alone in this dirty loft. He's a slob working as a maintenance guy that's why keeping things fixed is his job not keeping them clean. Dirty counters and dishes plagues the kitchen sinks, while bathrooms were always left clogged and smelly. His passion for fishing and gardening makes the lot smell like old fertilized dirt and stale fish, but gives room to a small well maintained garden at the backyard bearing rare and high quality produce.

Hidden among the dirty dishes and smelly bathroom is that this is home to the Secret Miyagi Style Sim Fu. An ancient Martial Art style perfected by the Miyagi Clan passed on from generation to generation; and old Keisu Miyagi is the living sensei of this secret art. The main part of the house was built as a dojo and the backyard was designed to train young apprentice. The Dojo wes never opened for business but you can dare to knock on his doorstep and find you could find yourself doing "wipe in" and "wipe out" on his dirty dishes or learning the secret of the martial art from the master himself.

Suggestion: The lot can be used as a residential lot as it is, or you can turn it to a community lot (Academy) where your neighbourhood can visit aswell. The only changes that will happen is that the stoves will be deleted.

Any comparison to 80's movie specailly karate themed is purely coincedental

NOTE: The download includes a custom made painting of Miyagi (shown above). It can be found under Decorative/Wall Hanging. It has one recolorable channel [the frame]. The price is 100 simoleons. A clone of the Male popstar poster.

CC that are Included:
Sim Fu (Miyagi ) Themed Posters by Me

CC that are not included (download them first):
Decorative Wall Fan by Cmomoney
China WA Travel Ad by Rudrakali

FREE Store Content that is needed but not included
Thanksgiving Wall Shelf from EA Store

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: Furnished: 51,817 / Unfirnished: 32,226