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Freecut Stylist's Posters - Sim Realistic

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2010 at 7:35 PM
Updated: 23rd Jul 2010 at 7:22 AM
Does your sim can't find the perfect haircut he/she wants? Are they loss in fashion abyss and found themselves looking like the past?

What every Salon and every Stylist need are Freecut Posters. Freecut has been the fashion foundation and setting the trends in Sunset Valley even before Geoffrey knew about flared pants and Afro hair.

Decorate your salon or personal office with this posters to let your neighbourhood knows that your Sim only trust "Freecut" when it comes to being a Fashion Fab!

Just like my previous painting uploads, the 3 posters are contained in one package file.

Additional Credits:
Custom Contents Used in the images
Simslish V3 Font by SiMale
Skin by Jiao
Hair by Peggy
Hair by XMSims
Hair by Missbonbon
Hair by Maxis
Stubble by Me
Hair by Anubis