Medieval NPC Replacements: Apartment Life

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Uploaded: 3rd Oct 2010 at 10:34 PM

This game mod features a set of default NPC replacements for the Apartment Life expansion. Using these replacements, your NPCs will automatically appear in your game wearing era appropriate apparel.

NPC's included:

Apartment Landlords

Each NPC replacement package already includes the necessary mesh required, therefore you do NOT need to download any additional files or meshes for this set to work. However, if you would like your playable characters to wear the included apparel too, download the mesh files from the credits list below.

Remember that you can only use one type of NPC replacement at a time, but you can swap them out as often as you prefer. This set includes another Butler NPC. If you are already using the Butler from other sets, you will need to remove him before using the one from this set.

Several folders have been provided, one includes the apparel files, the other NPC replacement files. The apparel are non-default and do not need to be swapped out (they can also be worn by your playable characters if you have the correct meshes listed in the credits). The NPC Replacements are the defaults and you can only have one set of each character at a time in your game. Put all these files directly into your Sims2-> Downloads folder.


Sherahbim for textures-

Gypsy Outfits for Adults
Gypsy Clothes for Teens

Aligeth for mesh -

MESH_CLM_EMNightshirt_Aug07.package (Used for Male Butler & Landlord)

Tiggerypum for meshes found in the Dark Project-

MESH-tig-af-layeredmedieval.package (Used for Female Breakdancer & Landlord)

MESH-tig-am-renshirt1.package (Used for Male Breakdancer)