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Hot Beverages Add Energy & Subtract from Bladder

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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2011 at 1:18 AM
I was really annoyed to find that Sims get a moodlet that there buzzing from a caffeine high but get no energy gain. There are times I wanted them to stay up all night without having to use testing cheats and have a way for them to gain energy.

What these do:
So this is just a simple XML mod that gives Sims that little extra kick of added energy while balancing out that positive with the negative effect of added bladder decay. Only choose 1! The Energy gain in each flavor is a slightly higher percentage increase then the bladder is decreased. The effects are not continuous but happen toward the finishing of the beverage.

I like the slight boost of 17% Energy & -15% Bladder. But if you want more extreme results there are flavors of the following:

27% Energy & -25% Bladder
37% Energy & -35% Bladder
47% Energy & -45% Bladder

Anything higher just seemed ridicules.

This will conflict with any other mod that involves editing the "DrinkHeldCup_Definitio" XML in the gameplayData.package. I have tested it with patch 1.18 and it seems to work fine after hours of testing.

Additional Credits:
This great tutorial--> "Sims 3 XML Tuning Modding "