Energy Change for Hot Beverages

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Uploaded 19th Feb 2014 at 1:27 AM · Updated 8th Jul 2014 at 12:44 AM by playeroflif3 : Update

When I made this originally, I wasn't sure about the coding of sim-motives. So the old files don't add much to the Energy Motive. That's been fixed in the new file, which will fill it up completely. I didn't change Bladder. User Darthmufin pointed out that making a group serving goes back to EA Standard. Sorry, that must be stored in another ITUN. So just be warned. The new package still conflicts with all the others. There is no new file with skills, although I could make one if someone wanted it. New file is in its own zip file.

So there's the Buzzed moodlet. And it makes your sim literally unable to sleep for four hours. And yet EA did not give it any sort of energy boost for the poor sims drinking "hot beverages" at all hours of the night so they can learn skills, or the new parents who can't get any sleep.

Well, that can be adjusted now!

You can get a +20 energy boost, +40, +60, or +80, although you do lose 10 bladder.
There is also another version that increases Cooking and Mixology (if you have Late Night) skills by a tiny bit per drink.

All 8 packages are in the .zip file. Only install one at a time, they will conflict with each other. They will also conflict with any mods that alter the DrinkHeldCup_Definitio ITUN.

Additional Credits:
Simlogical for S3PE, and FredSmith909 for showing me what to change.

Type: Motive gain

Tags: #energy, #beverages, #coffee, #needs