VIP Deluxe Door - Single

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Uploaded 11th Feb 2011 at 6:23 PM · Updated 11th Feb 2011 at 6:22 PM by Phaenoh : missing thumbnail :P

I was bored and I needed to do something semi-creative besides writing...and I was browsing the WCIF. A dangerous combination for me, especially when the WCIF is for Maxis Match (MM) stuff. maybesomethingdunno was looking for this and another base game door as one tile. I have all free MM build and this isn't something I've seen before. Of course I'm more than willing to admit I may not have looked hard enough too.

The files contain no textures and are linked to there base game double door counterparts. Each one has a linked diagonal, and there is a door as well as an arch included.

...maybesomethingdunno was offering bonus points for being linked to the originals and slaved....wonder how I can redeem those bonus chocolate?

Polygon Counts:
VIP Door - 1104
VIP Arch - 412

Tags: #vip, #deluxe, #door, #club, #maxis, #match