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Medieval Laced Sleeve Gown

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2011 at 9:58 PM
These gowns have flats and spiral laced sleeves. They have curvy and preg morphs. I made these recolors for a friend that wanted to use this gown for the medieval nuns in her game. They aren't meant to be historically accurate for nuns , they didn't wear form fitting gowns(I'm working on a sack like more realistic version). This is just what the nuns in our game are wearing, maybe some of you will have a use for these as well. If you make new textures, please send me a link.

One has a brushed linen texture and the other two are wool, but my husband thinks it looks more like velvet. Call it whatever you want
Pictured here from left to right are the teen, adult, and elder for shape comparison. I tried to keep the elders soft but not quite as saggy as the game shape.

I'd like to thank everybody in the creator feedback area, thanks to them you have gowns with better textures and shading

Polygon Counts:
MESH_Cynnix_afLacedSleeveGown.package: Faces=2218 Vertices= 1650
MESH_Cynnix_efLacedSleeveGown.package: Faces=2218 Vertices= 1650
MESH_Cynnix_tfLacedSleeveGown.package: Faces=2218 Vertices= 1650

Additional Credits:
Walls, floor and window are EAxis content.