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[ Uruz ] - 4 Fairy / Dance Poses

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Uploaded: 30th Mar 2011 at 2:00 AM
Updated: 3rd Aug 2011 at 4:03 AM - : ) making sure it's up to shape
This posebox contains 4 simple yet stunning fairy / dance poses which, if used in accompaniment with other creations, can make beautiful scenes and captures.

I’ve attached an in-game gif of each pose to show their angles, however this pose box is NOT animated. These are STATIC POSES.

You can find this item under Hobby -> Miscellaneous and it it’s free. It can be used with adults, elders and teens, but it was built with the adult female body shape in mind.

The costume used on my sim is by the Chinese site Peach Jelly . After I downloaded this, their site seemed to loose all their pictures : / but they may have them back now. The hair is a free one from Peggy , and the skin is by Teru K .

This pose box only requires Apartment Life to play! :3 I figured out how to fix my AGS, aren't I a smart cookie!

Additional Credits:
Akihiro ♥