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Retro Dining

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Uploaded: 22nd Jul 2011 at 11:37 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2011 at 4:14 AM - added screenie showing the clipping

Inspired by SailinSims 70's Retro theme..a new dining set consisting of a 1-tile table and chair. Even though I was around during the 70's, I don't really remember much about the furniture. Ask me about the clothing, and we can talk! (Plaid hip-hugger bell bottoms anyone?!?) Doing a tiny bit of research gave me the idea that a lot of color was used (ok, Mom..why did we have a brown plaid couch then?).. and my set was modeled after a real set.. so I decided to add some brighter colors. New for me, no? Yes, it is.

Known Issues:
*The tabletop is slightly oversized- it will clip into the walls if you put it in a corner. For that reason, there are no wall shadows for the table.
*Sims will clip into the base of the table a bit. Hand will pass through tabletop when they first start to eat, too. See attached pic.
*The animations for pulling out the chair are a bit off since there is no back. It doesn't look too bad though.

There are 12 colors total for the table/chair frames, 14 for the tabletop and 12 for the cushion- all are shown in the screenshots. Not all are "retro", I felt there should be some more modern colors, too. The colored table tops are leather. There are also 3 glass and 2 marble table tops. If there are any you don't want, the recolors are named to make it easy to delete them. (The chair recolors are named by the frame color- not the cushion.)

If you would like to recolor, I do have the .psd's with the shadows and the cushion piping. Also, since the default table top is glass- if you do a solid recolor, you'll have to change "blend" to "none" in the TXMT or your recolor will be transparent. (That's very easy to do but if you need help, feel free to ask!)

Polygon Counts:
Table: 674
Chair: 534

Additional Credits:
SimPE, MilkShape, UVMapper Pro, PhotoShop CS2