Wolves for your Sims!

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Uploaded: 6th Feb 2012 at 6:38 PM
Updated: 5th Mar 2012 at 7:14 PM - Fixed Grey Wolf file and New Black Wolf
Have a real Wolf for your yard!
Let this mysterious creatur watch your home or travel with you through the forests and grasslands.

I've made him as real as possible, unfortunately you can't control the fur volume freely like the colours, but i think I've got it quite right
I added a white wolf too, because i thought one would be lonely, and the pups that come out are quite funny coloured, but doesnt look bad either ^^
There are a lot of layers, also the white wolf has different layers with different whiteish colours. Like this, the pups will have nice fur too.
(my Sims3 always adds stars to my pups, kitty babies and foals.... <.< idk why lol )

The Wolves Attributes are:

- Aggressive (its still a wild animal!)
- Hunter (ofc xD )
- Independent

Have fun with them!
But don't be surprised, when your neighbours search for theire kids....


Since so many of you like the wolves, I will add a third one to the pack!
Let me introduce you: The grey wolf!

I hope you like this one as well


since there were some problems with the grey Wolf file, I updated the file. The Wolf_ALL.rar is not updated. Download the grey wolf seperately.


Black Wolf get your lonely night loving howler ^^