Lynx - the three most famous

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The Lynx

Lynx have short tails and characteristic tufts of black hair on the tips of their ears. They have a ruff under the neck, which has black bars (not very visible), resembling a bow tie. They have large, padded paws for walking on snow, and long whiskers on the face. -

I really like lynx and since i started making wild big cats as Sim animals, I thought of it as a nice idea.
The bodyshape is quite similar of all three lynx I've created, the fur is what makes them different. Too bad i cant add the "pensils" on theire ears and the "beards" they normally have, even thou, I think everyone can see that these are pretty lynx.

There are a lot more lynx in several parts of the northern earth, but all have the tipped ears and the short tails. The eurasian lynx is the biggest of them and lives mostly in forests. The canadian lynx has very thick fur in winter and looks quite fluffy. He ranges in forest and tundra regions across canada and into Alaska. Read more about lynx here .

Here are pictures of the three lynx I've created:

And now I introduce to you:

my bunch of wild cats!

On the picture list down the page are a lot more pics where you can see the details to each lynx.
And now the the personality of the cats.


canadian lynx is
  • adventurous
  • Hunter
  • shy

eurasian and european lynx are
  • adventurous
  • Hunter
  • playfull

And of course you can change the Attributes as you want, I just thought of the most typical personality for these cats.

Take care of these wonderful cats and have fun playing with them


Additional Credits:
I thank my boyfriend that is helping me to assess my pictures and my creations. Thank you my dear!